Always Look Where You Are Going!

OK, I tend to be “miss mild-mannered” a lot of the time.  But on occasion, especially behind the wheel of a car, I become someone completely different!

Take this morning, for instance.

There I am, minding my own business, driving to work.  The drive isn’t too bad because it’s still close to the holidays.  I do wish traffic was always this light!

Anyway, I’m driving down this 4-lane highway (2 lanes each direction).  As we’re starting across the overpass, I know I will have to go over a lane because my lane will become a right turn only lane.  But then…

The person behind me is coming a bit close to me.  The car to my left has moved ahead of me and I don’t see any cars right behind him in my rear view mirror.  Now I find myself starting to think that the car behind me may try to hurry and move over to the left right before I do and cut me off from being able to get behind the other car.  The nerve!

So, I start signaling left and start easing my way into that lane.  I only briefly realize that I normally would have moved over more quickly.

By concentrating so much on the guy behind me, I missed seeing the car that was in my blind spot to my left until I saw the front of his car out of the corner of my eye in my side window just as I heard a brief honk from him!  I immediately slowed and moved right again, looking quite embarrassed with an apologetic wave to that driver as he went by, then (finally) checked over my shoulder to ensure the path was clear and move over.

I am thankful that someone, it certainly wasn’t me this time, was paying attention to the situation.  And I thanked Father in Heaven for watching over me, and the others around me.  I will remember to always look where I am going!




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