Ah, The Sabbath!

I am so incredibly thankful for Sundays!

God, our Father in Heaven, quite specifically designed them for us.  The Sabbath is a blessing.  He created it to give us a break from our daily labors, and from the cares of the world.  The Sabbath is a day to remember Him, to renew covenants we have made with Him, to feast spiritually on His words, and to draw closer to Him.

The Sabbath is ordained for our use to pursue grander and loftier heights than we usually have the opportunity to during the other 6 days of the week.  It is a day to rest from our labors and experience enlightenment, encouragement, refinement.

For instance, yesterday I was starting to feel a bit discouraged.  Beloved hubby was not feeling well (so was a bit cranky), I couldn’t think of nice, uplifting things to write to missionary son (everything was coming out disjointed), discovered where the cat had decided to do her business in the house, and couldn’t get to everything on my list of weekend chores I’d wanted to accomplish.  😦

On the bright side, as I reviewed some of my journal entries from my own mission, I found some things to share with son; I settled in to helping meet hubby’s needs; cleaned up after the cat; and decided the chores that didn’t get done could wait until another day.

Today being the Sabbath I got up, dressed, and went to church.  Even on the way there my thoughts turned to appreciating the beauty of the world around me, the love of my family and friends, the joy I find in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the hope that I will be able to become a little more like my Savior.

I love going to church.  There I learn more about Heavenly Father and my relationship to Him.  I feel His presence and bask in His glory.  His Spirit witnesses to me the truthfulness of all things.  I rejoice in Father’s goodness and mercy, and in His love for His children wherever they are.  I am amazed at how close He is to us and at the ways He blesses and helps us.  And I find renewed strength to keep trying, even though I am far from perfect, to change my life and live more as He wants me to.

Ah, the Sabbath!


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