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Talking With My Sister

I called my sister this morning.  We had a nice, long talk.  We’ve been close most of our lives, even when we didn’t live close and had families to raise.

We have a great relationship.  We have been there for each other through thick and thin.  We encourage each other, celebrate our triumphs, talk over ideas, and appreciate each other unconditionally.  Ours is a remarkable kinship!

I think a major reason for all this is because of the way we were raised.  Our parents were good, strong, loving people who loved the Lord, His Church, and the gospel.  They came from humble beginnings and thoroughly appreciated the blessings that they had as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They instilled that love of God, church, and country in all their children.  So much so that every one of their children remained strong in their testimonies of the gospel and active in the church!  What a great legacy to leave your posterity.

And that legacy continues as their children strive to raise their families within the light of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, the church reinstated with the same organization that existed in it when Jesus Himself set it up while He lived on the earth over 2,000 years ago!

Always Look Where You Are Going!

OK, I tend to be “miss mild-mannered” a lot of the time.  But on occasion, especially behind the wheel of a car, I become someone completely different!

Take this morning, for instance.

There I am, minding my own business, driving to work.  The drive isn’t too bad because it’s still close to the holidays.  I do wish traffic was always this light!

Anyway, I’m driving down this 4-lane highway (2 lanes each direction).  As we’re starting across the overpass, I know I will have to go over a lane because my lane will become a right turn only lane.  But then…

The person behind me is coming a bit close to me.  The car to my left has moved ahead of me and I don’t see any cars right behind him in my rear view mirror.  Now I find myself starting to think that the car behind me may try to hurry and move over to the left right before I do and cut me off from being able to get behind the other car.  The nerve!

So, I start signaling left and start easing my way into that lane.  I only briefly realize that I normally would have moved over more quickly.

By concentrating so much on the guy behind me, I missed seeing the car that was in my blind spot to my left until I saw the front of his car out of the corner of my eye in my side window just as I heard a brief honk from him!  I immediately slowed and moved right again, looking quite embarrassed with an apologetic wave to that driver as he went by, then (finally) checked over my shoulder to ensure the path was clear and move over.

I am thankful that someone, it certainly wasn’t me this time, was paying attention to the situation.  And I thanked Father in Heaven for watching over me, and the others around me.  I will remember to always look where I am going!



Funny Hubby

We were watching a couple of the Mystery Woman movies.

One of the characters on there is Philby, played by Clarence Williams III.  Hubby remarked that on the pilot episode Philby was played by another actor.  Then he said, “It must have been Phil A!”

Later, when they mentioned the murder weapon was “bee venom“, the first attempt at shooting her had missed, hubby pipes up with, “A bullet, bee venom”.

Funny hubby.

That must be why we’ve lasted over 30 years!  🙂

By the way, reuniting the military family is the best thing the Rose Parade has ever done!!

Happy New Year

Today on New Year’s Day 2013, I begin a new blog.  🙂

I would like to share more of my day-to-day experiences, the things I’ve learned, the paths I choose, and the whys of my life.

I have a good life.  Often I feel it is a wonderful life.  At times it is not so wonderful.  But it is still life, with all the ups and downs that life brings with it.

It’s been chilly the last couple of days.  Yesterday hubby built a fire in our fireplace to help warm our home.  I love having a fireplace and would never consider buying a home without one.  Course, I do love living where you get all 4 seasons.  So a fireplace has come in handy many times.

As we went out front to look at the car and why it has been whining in the cold the last week or so, hubby looked up at our chimney and said, “Look!  Do you know what the smoke signals are saying?  They’re saying, ‘Come to [this house] for roasted marshmallows in 2 hours!'”  (By then the fire will have died down enough to make excellent coals for roasting marshmallows.)  He does make me laugh!

It’s a lazy day today.  We did stay up last night to see the new year in, then slept in this morning.  And I did get on the Nordic Track for 30 minutes.  Yea!  Around Christmas it inevitably disappears, or rather becomes inaccessible, sometimes for weeks.  So it’s always nice to get it dug out, dust it off, and get back on the thing.  30 minutes isn’t bad for the first time back on it.  What I really need though, is to find a good time to use it on days when I go to work.  Sigh…

I loved it when I was a housewife (then homemaker, then stay-at-home mom, then whatever the term is nowadays)!  I’d give the kids who were home lunch, then put them down for naptime, or quiet time, and I’d change clothes and get on the Nordic Track for an hour.  I had it set up in the livingroom.  I would watch something good that I had recorded on our VCR (the good stuff is always on when you’re not available, isn’t it?)  I could fast forward through the commercials, and be interested enough in the show that I didn’t mind exercising a full hour.  Those were the days.

Anyway, back to today.  We watched part of the Rose parade, which is amazing with all their floats decorated entirely with flowers and other natural materials, and all beautiful.  I put a couple more Christmas things away that needed to find a home.  Dinner is planned, so I don’t need to stress about that.

One gift I receive every year is my new calendar for my day planner.  I chose a vertical weekly style this time.  I hope it will help me plan and accomplish more goals than just having the monthly style I’ve had the last couple of years.  So I need to decide how best to use it.  And I need to decide what my goals for this year will be.  Some of my activities are pre-determined, i.e. my job; my calling in the Church (I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) as pianist in the Primary; my family activities and events, etc.  Well, I’ll give it some thought, definitely some prayer (I’m a big believer in the power of prayer!), and some discussion with my loved ones.  I want to be courageous with my goals this year.  And we’ll see how those blank pages become filled by the end of this year!

What are some of the goals you are setting for this year?