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A Week With MasterCool!

It’s been a week now with MasterCool.

MasterCool is the next generation swamp cooler.  And it is so much better than the one we had before!

It has a dual cooling system, so the air it releases into the house is a lot cooler than our previous swamp cooler, which cooled the air 15 degrees.  That doesn’t sound so bad, until you realize that at 100 degrees, the air coming into the house is 85!

MasterCool has a thermostat that lets you set the temperature you want and that’s the temperature it cools the house to.  And it doesn’t matter that the house has been heated up by 90-100 degree temperatures for a week straight when you set MasterCool.  It releases that cool air and you can immediately feel the cooler air, and the next thing you know, the house is definitely getting cooler!  Yeah!

It is an amazing system.  It cost us a pretty penny….and nickle…and dime…etc….etc….etc.

But I am so glad we bought it!  🙂

Beloved hubby points out that he shopped around for over a year to determine what’s best and the best time for us to get it!  I love having a Beloved hubby around!!  🙂

Swamp Cooler

It is time to replace our swamp cooler.  The old one has served us well for over 20 years…retirement time.

We shopped around, and decided to replace it with one of the next generation swamp coolers, a MasterCool.  It’s touted to be much more efficient (yea!), and we can get a rebate for it with our electric company.  We ordered it from Home Depot.  It was to arrive in 7-10 days.

Day 10 came and it hadn’t come yet.  We called Home Depot and they said it wouldn’t be coming that day, and since they don’t deliver on weekends, it would be Monday.  😦

Imagine my surprise when I got home from work and there was a box sitting in front of our house!  The shipping company, Seko Worldwide Transportation,  had not notified us that they brought it – how can they not let you know when we’d left a note saying someone was home and to ring the bell or call us?  And why in the world did they choose to leave it right next to the street?  We have plenty of parking right in front of the house with about 15 feet between the street and the grass…yet it was sitting there barely off the road.

Needless to say, we immediately called Seko to discuss the situation.  Naturally, there was nothing they could do at the time, and the guy said he would find out who the driver was and talk to him on Monday.  That’s well and good, but we can’t move a 300-pound box attached to a pallet, and with it being so close to the street we couldn’t park in front of it, therefore we feared it could either turn up missing or damaged by the next morning.  They were no help to us.

So we tried Home Depot.  They listened to our plight, and did give us a credit, but they also had no one who could come help us out.  They did finally agree to accept liability if something happen to it, but that didn’t alleviate our concern.  It would be another 10 days should a new one need to be ordered and we had almost record heat on its way.  Peachy.

So we called our boys and one of them brought his son and they rescued us, moving the cooler forward a few feet, next to the grass, and we were able to park in front of it so it would stay safe.

The next morning the boys were here bright and early to work on installing it.  Yea!  It was a long, hard day.  I spent the day running back and forth to various stores to get things that were still needed or that no one had said we would need.  I do know after many, many years of home improvement and car repair projects that things NEVER go as they should, they ALWAYS have complications, and it takes about 3x as long as you thought to get through it.

By early afternoon it dawned on me that we were having more and more issues, and that we probably should have started this project by asking the Lord to help us and bless us as we worked.  So I called the boys in to join me and my husband.  I explained to them that I have found, many times throughout my life, that when things are going wrong and problems come along,  we can turn to our Father in Heaven in prayer, and that He will help us.  Then I prayed.  I explained that we were having some problems, and asked God to help us be clear-minded to see the solutions, and to give us the ability to do a good job.  He had already blessed us with fair weather – it was not nearly as hot as had been predicted by the weatherman.

We went back to work.  A while later our prayer was answered in a powerful way.  They had backed up the van close to the house, and set up a step ladder close to the van.  The boys had been able to take apart part of the swamp cooler, and were in the process of getting one of the larger pieces up the ladder.  Suddenly the ladder buckled!  I stand in awe that my son was able to hang onto the swamp cooler so that it did not drop, that the van window that my son fell against with his elbow did not break, and that my son sustained no injury other than a sore elbow!  Father in Heaven had truly answered my prayer and protected my son and our property.  You know that I uttered a prayer of thanks to Him for that.

Well, they didn’t quite finish.  And we were all dead tired by the end of the day.  As the following day was Sunday and we obey the blessed commandment (aren’t they all?  One is so blessed when one obeys God’s commandments which of course are given to help and protect us) to obey the Sabbath Day and keep it holy.  So we went to church to revive our spirits, and had a day of rest from our labors. Thus we’ll be ready for this next week and all that it brings our way, including finishing the installation of the swamp cooler!

Yes, this is an adventurous life!


Addition To The Family

We have been talking about it for some time now.

It is beloved hubby’s dream for I don’t know how long!

He has been trying to talk me into it, saying things such as:

  • Things will be so much better if we do this.
  • It won’t be too much work.
  • I’ll do more around here.
  • Everyone will want to be around us.
  • We won’t have to pay.  They’ll be happy to pay us!

I wouldn’t consider it for a long time. 

I felt it would be costly, cause more work, get dirty, do we even have a place for one?

He finally talked me into it.  Of course, he picked a time when my resistance was low…

And so, now we have a new addition to the family!  He is so proud!  🙂 

A riding lawn mower! 

Families Come in All Sizes

English: Family of Canada geese in Northfield,...

English: Family of Canada geese in Northfield, Minnesota, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We were out and about on a little joy ride.


It was a beautiful day.


Not too hot.  Company was grand.


Detoured through the quiet, cool, beautiful Glens.


Turned towards home.


Then, there on the side of the 4-lane highway we spotted them.


Hmmm, one…




three of them.


Three families!


Oh, look!  : – O


They’e trying to get across the road!


But they’re cutting out in traffic…


Will they be able to make it???


There is Mama one, leading the way, with Junior following right behind.


Then Mama 2 with her 3 little ones.


Lastly comes Mama 3, also with her 3.


Cars are waiting at the light for them.


I hope those going in the opposite direction will see them and not be going so fast as to hit them!?


But in my rear view mirror I can see the last of them climbing up to safety onto the sidewalk.


Yeah!  The goslings and their mamas have all gotten safely to the other side, right from where they chose to cross!  🙂





Stake Conference!

A Quadruple Combination of the (scriptures) of...

A Quadruple Combination of the (scriptures) of – contains the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price, all bound together. Ricardo630 07:45, 15 April 2006 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today was a spiritual feast!


It was Stake Conference!


No, not steak conference.  Stake conference.


In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are divided up geographically.  That means that everyone has a place in the kingdom of God.  No one is left out.  The smallest group, which is the local congregation, is called a Ward, or Branch if there are not enough members to form a Ward.  Several Wards together form a Stake.  So Stake Conference is a meeting of several local congregations with their Stake leaders, and in our case today, with 2 General Authorities, members of the Seventies.


Needless to say, that makes for a spiritual feast, communing with the Spirit and with our Father in Heaven.  It was so uplifting and inspirational!


And last night we had the evening adult session of conference where we receive instruction and inspiration designed to help us be better parents, families, leaders, and community members.  That session is usually the best one of all.  And beloved hubby was able to attend both last night’s and this morning’s sessions (meetings)!


So, what did I glean from these important meetings?  What was gleaned from the wisdom and spirit of these great people of God?


It started out with Michael Jackson’s quote, “Keep the faith baby” from one of his songs.  Weird, I know.  But the point was that faith needs to be in the Lord, Jesus Christ.  It is a condition, and trust, that Heavenly Father knows us and blesses us.  The challenge is to strengthen our faith.


How do you strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ?  Study the scriptures, pray to God the Father (in the name of Christ, His Son), hold Family Home Evenings with your family where you talk about the gospel and how it applies to your family and how you can strengthen each other, go to church together, serve others, and work towards going to the temple of God so you can receive His choicest blessings, etc.  We must be doers of the word, not hearers only.


Becoming casual in these things causes us to risk being overcome by temptation.  Certain blessings are only found in the scriptures (that would be the complete standard works – the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price).  And we receive protection from God as we go to His holy temple and keep the covenants we make there!  “…each of you needs to build a reservoir of faith so you can draw upon it when someone you love or respect betrays you, when some scientific discovery seems to cast doubt on a gospel principle, or when someone makes light of sacred things, such as the name of God or the sacred ceremonies of the temple. You need to draw on your reservoir of faith when you are weak or when someone else calls on you to strengthen them. You also need to draw on your reservoir of faith when some requirement of Church membership or service interferes with your personal preferences.


“You need the strength that comes from faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ if you are to fulfill your duty “to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places” (Mosiah 18:9). In times of trial you need the comfort offered in the holy scriptures, which assure you that when you have the shield of faith you will “be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked” (D&C 27:17).” (Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by Dallin H. Oaks)


It just got better from there!


There is so much wickedness in the world today.  But there is also so much good in the world today!  This is a wonderful time we live in! Listen to the Spirit of the Lord speak to you.  You feel something here [at Stake Conference].  The Spirit of God will guide you.  In fact the greatest gift available to us is the gift of the Holy Ghost.


It was such a wonderful couple of days!


I know that these things are true.  God is our loving Father in Heaven, the literal Father of our spirits.  He sent us here to learn and grow.  He did not send us here without instructions.  He has blessed us with the scriptures, with His spokesman who leads the church today – His prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  And Father has given EVERY person the light of Christ.  Sometimes called our conscience, the light of Christ helps each person to feel what is right and what is wrong.  Listen to it.  Follow it.  Seek after that which is good, which leads to God, and to helping others.  That is the true way to happiness, and to life Eternal!


Try it and see for yourself.