Families Come in All Sizes

English: Family of Canada geese in Northfield,...

English: Family of Canada geese in Northfield, Minnesota, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We were out and about on a little joy ride.


It was a beautiful day.


Not too hot.  Company was grand.


Detoured through the quiet, cool, beautiful Glens.


Turned towards home.


Then, there on the side of the 4-lane highway we spotted them.


Hmmm, one…




three of them.


Three families!


Oh, look!  : – O


They’e trying to get across the road!


But they’re cutting out in traffic…


Will they be able to make it???


There is Mama one, leading the way, with Junior following right behind.


Then Mama 2 with her 3 little ones.


Lastly comes Mama 3, also with her 3.


Cars are waiting at the light for them.


I hope those going in the opposite direction will see them and not be going so fast as to hit them!?


But in my rear view mirror I can see the last of them climbing up to safety onto the sidewalk.


Yeah!  The goslings and their mamas have all gotten safely to the other side, right from where they chose to cross!  🙂





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