Addition To The Family

We have been talking about it for some time now.

It is beloved hubby’s dream for I don’t know how long!

He has been trying to talk me into it, saying things such as:

  • Things will be so much better if we do this.
  • It won’t be too much work.
  • I’ll do more around here.
  • Everyone will want to be around us.
  • We won’t have to pay.  They’ll be happy to pay us!

I wouldn’t consider it for a long time. 

I felt it would be costly, cause more work, get dirty, do we even have a place for one?

He finally talked me into it.  Of course, he picked a time when my resistance was low…

And so, now we have a new addition to the family!  He is so proud!  🙂 

A riding lawn mower! 


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