I’ll Never Run Out of Gas Again

I filled up the car with gas today.  As I pulled out of the gas station, I felt good.

I am prepared.  I have a full tank of gas.  I don’t have to worry.

How does that saying go?  “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.”  D&C 38:30.  How true, how true!

Having a full tank of gas keeps me from worrying about having to watch for a place to fill up, hoping that I can get there before running out, and I know that wherever my life leads, I can get there.

And why do I say I’ll never run out of gas?  Because i fill the tank when it’s only half empty.  By filling up then, I know I won’t run out.  And that is a great feeling.

The added benefit to filling up at half a tank…

it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  For the same few dollars that one might put in hoping to get along until pay day, one can “limp along” with nearly a full tank!

Instant stress reduction!  🙂


By the way, today, August 1, is Colorado Day.  It’s our anniversary of becoming a state.  But no one knows that.  You don’t hear about it in the news, and when you ask people about it, they have no clue.

Why do I know?  Having lived in Utah where July 24th, Pioneer Day, is a bigger celebration than July 4th, Independence Day,

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