Missionary Homecoming

Missionaries Mormon

Missionaries Mormon (Photo credit: More Good Foundation)

After 2 years, our missionary returned home last night!  What a joyous reunion it was.

We went to the airport to greet him.  We went in to meet him, I scoured the area looking for a tall young man dressed in a dark suit, white shirt, a tie, and a black badge with the name “Elder” on it.

When at long last I spied him from several yards away, I found myself bee-lining straight for him, moving faster and faster the closer I got to him.  In fact, beloved hubby says I was running!

Then all at once, there he was!  Arms outstretched to return my hug, I hugged him for what must have been a full 60 seconds.  Tears were streaming down my face, I was so overcome with emotion.  As I stepped back to get a good look at him, I saw that he, too, had tears in his eyes.

He looked wonderful.  Tall and straight, with a confidence inherent in those who serve the Lord with all their heart, might, mind, and strength, he, too, was moved by the reunion.

My feelings ran the gamut from joy at seeing him after the long separation, peace for knowing he has been immersed in the Spirit of God and in developing his relationship with his loving Father in Heaven and in serving His children, gaining a love and appreciation for God’s children everywhere, happiness for the experiences (challenging and rewarding) that he has lived through these 2 years, thankfulness to God for His great mercy in giving my son this opportunity and in allowing him to have this great adventure, to humility in realizing he is very soon moving on to the next stage of his life which will again take him away from home but which is the next step in his progression.  So much emotion.  🙂

It was wonderful to hear of some of his experiences.  Things that are different (like almost no thunderstorms there) and things that are the same (people are people no matter where you go).  He has become a man, he has learned to love people, to help and serve them just as the Savior did, to moderate his feelings and reactions, to become a leader and to watch for what people need and to address those needs.

It is so good to have him home!

And as I contemplate this experience and these feelings, I can see a similar reaction in Heaven by our Heavenly family to the homecoming of their children from their great adventure that we call life here on earth.  I catch a glimpse of the joy and rejoicing that must be present when one of God’s children returns from whence they came, to their family and loved ones, to their Father in Heaven.  What a wonderful homecoming, reunion, it will be!  It is a place of perfect love, of hope, and of great happiness for all we have done here that has helped us to progress and become better than we were!

And so here I am, encouraged to try a little harder, to seek a little more, and to step outside my normal sphere to connect with others around me, especially those in need, and to love and strengthen each other more than I have before.  And I look forward to my own homecoming when the time comes to leave this frail existence and return to Him who gave me life.  Oh, how joyous it will be!

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