Battling Black Holes

I remember when I saw my first one…

There I was, traveling along a familiar route, minding my own business.  Suddenly, there it was!

This strange apparition popped up right in my path!  What do I do?  I’ve never seen such a foreign-looking object in my entire life!  And there was no way through it.

I had to figure a way around it…

Luckily, I had my navigator with me.  He quickly found the correct path.  Whew!  Success!


I remember when I saw my second one…

I had been warned it would stand in my way.  It was huge!  It was a monster!  It reached out its arms, ready to grab anything that passed by!  Even my pre-trip briefing did not prepare me for what met my eyes.  It was horrible!  And with no end in sight!

I worried it would capture us and we would NEVER escape.  Round and round we’d go, never to be seen or heard from again.

Once again my navigator saved the day.  He stepped up to the challenge and gave me the route to follow.  Without him, I may still have been there to this day!  What a pain.

Then came the latest one.

No, not one.  Two!  A double entrapment!  The largest, most dangerous one yet!  The MOTHER of them all!

And this time….I was alone.

I gritted my teeth…

I prepared for battle…

I was determined to come off conqueror!

I entered into the treacherous, ghastly phenomena, determined to be victorious.   I wove my way around this monstrosity.  Finally!


These unnatural, dangerous black holes seem to be multiplying!

The dictionary defines black holes as “any usually wretched place of imprisonment or confinement”.

Some may call them turnabouts or roundabouts or traffic circles.  The claim is that they are popular in other countries.

The way I see it, that makes them un-American!


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