I Love The Temple!

Last night beloved hubby and I went to the Denver Temple.

I love the temple!

You don’t even have to go inside to feel that the temple is a special place.  As a matter of fact, we love going there on Christmas night and stand there outside the gate looking in at the temple, all lit up in the darkness.  It is a beautiful sight.

And we talk about how standing out there is like being in the Telestial Kingdom.  And that inside the gate is like the Terrestial Kingdom.  But inside the temple is like the Celestial Kingdom where God and Christ are.  How wonderful it would be to be there with Them!

Going inside the temple brings an almost unspeakable feeling of joy, and love, and peace.  When you leave your worries and cares outside its doors, you free up your heart to feel the Spirit of God and open yourself up to receiving inspiration from your kind, loving Father in Heaven.  You can receive answers to questions or issues that concern you.  You feel drawn to new heights of gratitude for the Lord and His blessings.

You see your life from a new perspective – not just the here and now, but the before and after of life too.  You realize life has possibilities unimagined, and you want to experience all of it!  And you know you can.  You become a kinder, gentler person, more understanding of others and the frailties we all have in life.  And you are enveloped in deep feelings of great love – God’s love for you, your love for your family, and even love for all mankind.  It is a sublime and exulted state of being, and you find yourself hesitating to leave, and longing to return soon.

It is the most wonderful place on earth!

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