Women’s Conference in 1 Day

A typical meetinghouse of the church

A typical meetinghouse of the church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s only 1 day away!


I have shared many thoughts and ideas about the General Relief Society Meeting of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I guess now it’s time to share my feelings with you.


This women’s conference is a great blessing, and is available to all of us.  Whenever I have attended a broadcast at my local Stake Center, I have felt the sisterhood of the other women who also attended, enjoying their love and friendship.  We were there for a common cause – to be uplifted, to be spiritually fed (as well as physically fed as they usually have a dinner beforehand), to renew acquaintances with those we don’t see very often, and to sit at the feet, as it were, of the Savior and hear His guidance, advice, and words of wisdom specifically to us through His spokesman, the prophet.


We are also inspired by the things shared by members of the General Relief Society Presidency.  These women have experienced the same trials, hopes, and joys that we have, sometimes more that what I have had.  As they share how they overcame problems in their lives, I feel hope that I can also overcome mine.  They share their successes and the joyful times in their lives, I feel happy and remember the good times in my own life.


And as they share the things they did to strengthen their faith in the Lord, improve their dedication to Him and to following His path, Heavenly Father‘s Spirit whispers to me the things I can improve in my own life to find the answers I am seeking.  I feel the comfort and warmth of that Spirit and am lifted up to joy and rejoicing, heartened to continue striving to do that which I know is right.


I have always been glad I went.  And my life is just a little easier afterwards, as always happens when I do things the Lord’s way.  He blesses and strengthens those who live as they should.  It’s a natural result of living that kind of life.


You can enjoy all these blessings too!


And you can always go online and see or review the conferences whenever you want.  Need a pick-me-up?  🙂



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