Monthly Archives: October 2013

Thank You to My Family

I attended the “Time Out For Women” conference in Denver, Colorado this weekend, compliments of my beautiful daughters (which includes daughters-in-law!)  🙂

They all got together, bought my ticket, and gave it to me for Mother’s Day.  So I’ve had 5 months to anticipate attending this wonderful event!  And they all went with me, so it was a family affair.  Even my oldest granddaughter went because they had a “Time Out For Girls” conference going on at the same time!

This conference is put on by Deseret Book and done in various cities throughout the United States each year.  It is a wonderful event, with inspired speakers, wonderful music, and making, and renewing friendships.

It is all about helping us appreciate being women, laughing and sometimes crying about the things we go through, and encouraging us to hang in there and not give up.  It reminds us that though we come from varied circumstances and backgrounds, we are all daughters of God and He loves us and has a plan for every one of us.  We find that others are going through the same types of experiences we are, are struggling with the same types of challenges, and we gain strength and hope from the trials they have overcome.  We see how important little things are, and we are reminded to always turn to our loving Father in Heaven for help and strength throughout our lives.

You walk out of there feeling energized, inspired, and wanting to do better in your life.

Thank you, my daughters, for this wonderful experience!