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Happy Thanksgiving!

English: "The First Thanksgiving at Plymo...

English: “The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth” (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


It’s very interesting to note that no matter what country you live in, or what culture you are a part of, people the world over have a day of celebration and thankfulness for a good harvest.  It doesn’t strike me as strange at all.  It is quite natural!


As we reach the end of the harvest season, it is natural to be grateful for the food we have to eat.  Which leads us quite easily into the next step, that of thankfulness for our many others blessings – family, friends, our home, a good job, etc.


And thinking about these many blessings in our lives leads us to being thankful to the Creator of all these things and of us all, our Father in Heaven, whatever name by which we know Him!


He has truly blessed us, His children!



Finally, A Reason To Turn On The Radio Again!

Denver, Colorado, Usa

Denver, Colorado, Usa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This morning I happened to turn on the radio on my way to work.  Don’t ask me why.  I usually do not listen to it.




Because there’s not much worth listening to.


It’s hard to find music you really like.  And when you do, there’s so much talk and chatter that it’s just not worth it.


Particularly when all that talk and chatter gets monotonous, or worse yet, downright obscene.


But I found a station in Denver, Colorado – 101.5 KJHM FM.  They advertised “Zero Morning Talk”!  Wow, now that’s MY kind of station!


I will have to admit, it’s not necessarily my favorite music in the world, but I love not having to put up with all that morning talk.  Besides,


KOSI 101.1 FM has begun their annual all Christmas music! 🙂



Friends Are A Blessing


Friendship (Photo credit: Iguanasan)


It is such fun to get together with friends I haven’t seen for a while!


We get together every once in a while, just to visit and catch up with one another.  We are a diverse group.  We laugh together as we discuss the antics of our lives, stand by each other as we share our difficulties, and relish the feeling of friendship and camaraderie!


Friends stand by us, ready to help when they can.  They advise us as we have difficulties that we find hard to accept, or sometimes even to see.  Sometimes they don’t see eye to eye with us, but that’s OK because we find it easy to overlook that.


And, if we’re really lucky, our best friends are also our loved ones!


Bump In The Road

Road to Denali - Mountains - Alaska

Road to Denali – Mountains – Alaska (Photo credit: blmiers2)


Here I was, just a couple weeks or so ago, “bragging” (not really, but I guess you could call it that) about how comfortable our marriage is.  And then – I almost hate to admit it –


A bump in the road!


Beloved hubby was upset with me the other day.


It took me a bit by surprise.  I didn’t expect such a strong reaction.


He was genuinely displeased with me.  My reaction?


First the “natural man” (as it says in the scriptures) reaction flew into my mind.  Defense!  “Why should he be upset with me!  I didn’t do anything.  He has no right to feel that way.”


Then Heavenly Father lovingly interjects.  “Just a minute now.  He is hurt and you’re not going to help anything with that attitude.”


“But,” I argue, “He shouldn’t try to make me feel bad.  Besides, he should calm down and apologize for what he said.  Now I feel hurt and upset.”


In the conversation that ensued, between myself and God, I was reminded that I know how I should react, and, fight it though I did, I knew what I should do.  I also know that there are times that I should swallow my pride, set aside my own interests, humble myself, and go talk to the man I love (even if at the moment I’m not feeling that loving).  Because, if I do nothing, or return ill feelings for ill feelings, not only will we not move forward, but things will get worse.  And I don’t want that.


Therefore, I sought out Beloved hubby, and said, “Hi.”


“Hi,” he replied.


“I didn’t mean to make you feel that way,” I said.  “Well, I do,” he stated.  Again, my hackles came up.  Stop it!  “I am sorry,” I said slowly.  “It was not my intention to hurt you.”


And thus began a dialog that helped begin the healing process.  It did not heal everything right away.  But the process was started.


24 hours later, though I still felt a bit reserved, we were no longer feeling at odds with each other, and had calmed down considerably.  Comfort was beginning to return.  We talked some more.  I still had to hold my “natural man” tendencies back just a little, “No, I’m not going to allow myself to overreact, or to withdraw into myself and away from him,” I told myself, and Father in Heaven.  “That wouldn’t be right either.”


So, we’re pretty well back to the comfortable stage.  And this little bump in the road is pretty well behind us.  It was a bit rough for a while there.  But, it’s not what you go through but how you handle it that really counts.  I am so very thankful for the gospel and the Church in my life, to help me know how to deal with life’s problems and not let them simply run away with me.






Primary Program

Last Sunday was the Primary program in sacrament meeting.

That is one of,  if not the best program of the entire year!  It is where the Primary children, ages 3-12, sing songs they’ve been learning all year, and every one of them has a line or 2 (or more for the older ones) to speak in front of the congregation.  They talk about the things they have learned throughout the year.

You find yourself totally delighted and amazed at the young ones climbing up on a little stool to reach the pulpit and yell, whisper, or refuse to give their 5-word line.  You giggle, coo, or just smile.

Then as you watch the older children show their skills you are again delighted and amazed at their abilities.  They give a 2-minute talk, they might even sing a solo, play an instrument, or even lead the music!

And, of course, the program is about their Heavenly Father, about following Jesus Christ, and about how they are “a child of God“.  It is guaranteed to be a spiritual feast.

And Sunday, as they finished their program, sang the song, “A Child’s Prayer” (with yours truly at the piano!), and waited reverently while the closing prayer was said, everyone in the room could feel the Spirit of God.  As we left the pulpit to go to the Primary room, I told them (children and teachers alike) that they did a wonderful job!  And moving through the church to the Primary room, I agreed with young and old alike that the children did a wonderful job.

As I played the prelude in Primary, the room was filled with a dull roar.  Not that any of the children were misbehaving or anything, they were just all very excited with what they had just experienced and sharing their thoughts and feelings with each other.  It really was fun to behold and to be a part of.

After several minutes they finally calmed down.  We let them choose their favorite songs to sing during Singing Time.  And for Sharing Time where they usually will have a small activity/lesson, they watched animated stories of Jesus on TV and had popcorn and water for a snack.

A beautiful ending to a perfect day!  🙂