Primary Is Fun!






I have to admit, when the Primary chorister announced that the children were going to sing solos today in Primary, I was worried.


He explained further that each child would pick the song they wanted to sing and that their teacher would sing with them!


I wondered how it would turn out.  These kids range in age from 3-12.  I am the pianist.


We began with the Junior Primary (ages 3-8).  He picked the oldest class first.  The young lady chose “A Child’s Prayer” (an ambitious song with 2 parts and 3 verses).  The kids love this song (as do the adults).  It was the closing song in the Primary Program we did in Sacrament meeting a few weeks ago.  This song always brings the Spirit of God to those who hear it.  🙂


She went up to the front of the room along with her teacher.  His wife happened to also be there, so she joined them.  And a young man from the class just younger than them said he would also sing with them!  So the girls sang the child’s part of the song, and the guys sang the adult’s part of the song.  They did all 3 verses.  It was wonderful!  How special.


Next came a young man who chose “Snowman”, an activity song that includes stretching up and then getting as small as you can.  His teacher and he did all the actions!  It was fun to watch the adult participating in this simple, little song.  What fun!


The next child chose “Popcorn”, another activity song, but not as extreme as the last one.  Again, the teacher did all the actions.  It was great!  The kids loved it!


The youngest class went up together.  They chose “Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam“.  This song is also done with some actions.  The kids were so cute singing a little and participating with the actions!


There were some kids who had not yet sung.  Oh, I forgot to mention that the chorister had brought some candy along to give everyone who participated.  So all the kids ended up getting up there and singing.


Then, the chorister asked the Primary Presidency to come up.  The Primary President, her 2 Counselors, and their Secretary all went up there.  They chose “Heavenly Father Loves Me”.  These 4 women did a wonderful job and the children loved it!  What great sports!


In the Senior Primary the oldest class went up first.  They chose “I Am a Child of God“.  There were 3 boys, 1 girl, and their teacher.  They sang the first verse.  The chorister said, “And the next verse!”  So they did.  Then he said, “Do the third verse including the descant!”  The older girls in Primary had learned the descant a few months ago, and had sung it during the Primary Program too.  But there were several girls at that time.  Now there was only 1.  But they sang it and she did a marvelous job!


The next class went up and chose “Called To Serve”.  This was all guys and during the chorus the chorister went over and joined them for the 2nd verse.  It was inspirational!


The youngest class chose “A Child’s Prayer” (it is a favorite of all of us).  The teacher sang with the only boy in that group, and the girls sang the child’s part.  Again, they did an excellent, beautiful job!


And lastly, the chorister asked the Presidency to come back up.  He also asked them to pick a different song than they’d done the last time.  They chose “Mary’s Lullaby”.  Once again, they did such a nice job.  And the kids really enjoyed it.


Boy, Primary is fun!  🙂




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