The Man Who Could Do No Wrong

Scan of initial on page of book in a series of...

Scan of initial on page of book in a series of fairy tales. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When I was growing up, I loved Fairy Tales.  I couldn’t get enough of them!


For several years I would buy every Fairy Tale book that the school sold through Scholastic Book sales, and borrow every Fairy Tale book I could get my hands on at the library.  I guess it was my way of day-dreaming.


One day I read an amazing story that totally caught my attention.  It was called, “The Man Who Could Do No Wrong.”


It was the story of a man who went to town and bought a cow.  He started home, happy with his purchase, and knowing that his wife would be pleased.


He soon met someone selling a sheep.  He decided to trade the cow for the sheep!  Some townspeople saw what he did and asked him about it.  “You are going to be in trouble when you get home to your wife!” they said.  “No,” he replied.  She will be happy.


They decided to follow him home and watch what would happen.


Then the man came to someone selling a goat.  Again, he traded.  The sheep for the goat!  “Now you are really going to be in trouble!” the townspeople said.


Next the man saw someone selling a dog.  “I will give you this goat for that dog,” he said.  The trade was made.  By this time the crowd following him was growing steadily.  They were all anxious to see the wife’s reaction when the man reached his house!


They came to someone selling a cat.  You guessed it, the man traded the dog for the cat!  By this time the townspeople were laughing hysterically at the man.  “You cannot believe the trouble you will see when you get home!” they told him.  The man just smiled.


When they were almost to his house, they met someone selling a chicken.  Once again, the man traded, the cat for the chicken.  The crowd could not believe their eyes!


And then they came to someone who had 2 eggs to sell.  “No!” yelled the crowd in shock.  “Surely even you will not trade a chicken for 2 eggs!”  The man assured them his wife would be pleased as he traded the chicken for the 2 eggs.


At last they reached the man’s home.  By this time almost the entire town was following him.  They watched with bated breath to see how the man’s wife would react and how much trouble he would be in!


“Wife,” the man said as his wife opened the door.  “I went to town and bought a cow.”  “Oh you wonderful husband!” his wife gleefully said.  “Now we will be able to have milk, and butter, and cheese!  You are truly a wise man!”


“But,” said the husband as the crowd listened closely to hear the wife’s reaction, “I traded the cow for a sheep.”  “Oh you wonderful husband,” said his wife.  “A cow eats so much, and we can get wool from a sheep to make warm clothing!”


“Then I traded the sheep for a goat,” said the man.  “You wonderful husband,” said the wife.  “We can have milk from the goat and he will eat anything we give him!”


“I traded the goat for a dog,” said the man.  “You are such a thoughtful husband,” said his wife.  “A dog will watch for robbers and be a companion to you!”  The crowd could not believe what they heard!


“I traded the dog for a cat,” said the man.  “You wonderful man,” said the wife.  “A cat will be a companion for me and will chase the mice away!”


“Then I traded the cat for a chicken,” said the man.  The crowd knew he would be in big trouble!  “You are such a wise man,” said his wife.  “Now we can have eggs for breakfast every day!”


“And then I traded the chicken for 2 eggs,” said the man.  Now the crowd could hardly wait to hear the wife’s answer.  Now the man was really going to get it!


“You are truly inspired,” said his wife.  “How did you know that I have been wanting eggs for dinner all day long?”  And she gave him a huge hug!


I love this story!  How wonderful to have someone who finds a way to be happy no matter what the circumstances!  That is the kind of wife I wanted to be.  Not a nag, and not a pessimist.  But someone who would be supportive, compassionate, kind, gentle, and genuinely caring.


It has taken a while to get there, but I have become that wife (well, for the most part).  It is a great life!  🙂




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