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Bariatric Results

He’s been back to the surgeon for the bariatric follow-up appointment.  Results?

Surgery itself is healing properly and well.  As a matter of fact, it no longer causes pain.  Yea!

Diabetes practically gone (not quite), swelling in feet gone, weight-loss over 20 lbs – these are going well.

Other side of the coin: nausea a bit, tired some, arthritis pain intensified.  😦  Hoping that physical therapy at a multi-disciplinary location will decrease the stiffness in the back, which is locking up a little more (and causing more pain) each day without the benefit of anti-inflammatories.  That is the greatest concern.  It has nothing to do with the surgery, other than having to stop the ibuprofen, and was the thing he was most concerned about before surgery.  Hopefully weight-loss will also help, but it’s not guaranteed.

It’s a drastic step to take, but can be the best choice for some.  It is a lifestyle change.

In this case, we hope it will increase the quality of life.  I think it will.  🙂

Clothes Shopping

I recently pulled out a shirt that I was going to wear.  I loved it when I was at the store and found it.  It looked really good on me.

But as I put it on and looked in the mirror, I was surprised by what I saw!

This was not the same image that looked back at me that day in the store.  Why had it seemed so right then?

What’s the problem?  I haven’t changed since then.  It wasn’t that long ago.  So why does it seem to be a totally different shirt than what I tried on in the store?

I’ve given this a lot of thought because this is not the first time this has happened.  Here’s what I believe the answer to be:

In the store I try on so many clothes, most of which make me look so horrible, that when I finally find one that isn’t horrible, or perhaps even makes me look pretty good, I’m happy and snap it up.  Then later, without all the horrible clothes to compare it to, I see it in its “true colors”.  I see that it really isn’t that good afterall.  😦

I really have to be more careful when shopping!

Have you had similar experiences?


Bariatric Surgery

He opted for bariatric surgery.  I remember the first time I heard about it, it scared me to death.

I heard about it many, many years ago.  Some news show talked about the very basics of it.  Cut the stomach, cut the intestines, sew the 2 together.  Done.  You lose weight.

I wondered why they left the cut off pieces in there, what about long-term effects, are they nuts?!

But, with his decision to do it, I learned a LOT more about it.  Amazingly, the more I learned, the more comfortable I became with it – no leftover cut-off pieces, just digestion in a slightly different order than before.  And people are living good lives because of it, you don’t gain it all back if you keep up the new eating habits you learn.  And it should give them a much better quality of life.

Less than a week before his surgery, I met a woman who had had the same procedure several years ago.  I ran into her quite by accident (we know there’s no such thing, right?)  She had complications at the time, but recovered and was glad she did it.

And later I met another woman whose husband had it done more recently.  She said the first 4 hours are the worst, after that it gets better.  She was so right!

It’s still a long road, but for him I think it was a good idea.  I look forward to the blessing this will be for him.  The journey has begun.

Overcome Adversity With Love

Today I pulled out the Family Home Evening resource book, put out by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to look up “Friendship”.

When I opened the book, it opened to the lesson, “Love At Home” (pg. 74).  I started reading, and found myself getting more and more engrossed the further I read!  “If Jesus came to visit us” it said.  Wow, that would really be something!  Wouldn’t we want everything to be nice, and wouldn’t we want to treat each other with love?

Next came a beautiful example of how to change the Spirit in your home when there is arguing by remembering the good times.  In the story they pulled out family picture albums to review and got totally caught up reliving past adventures.  The Spirit in their home had changed to one of love.

Next is a game where each person takes a turn telling something someone did to show love and letting the others guess who it is.

My favorite part was the story of a brother and sister who weren’t getting along, and their mother talked with the daughter, who was the older sibling, about trying an experiment and always showing her love for her brother no matter what he said or did.  Of course at first it didn’t make much difference.  But after a while he started showing love too!  Big surprise.  🙂

They even have an activity to do during the following week where you color in the rays (like from a sun) coming out from a heart when you see someone showing love, and writing that person’s name down.

It is a beautiful lesson.  It warmed my heart just to read it through!  And it reminded me that many times we can overcome adversity with love.  Enjoy!


Adversity In Our Lives

I have been surrounded by a lot of adversity in my life lately.  I find that it takes its toll on me as I worry, react, act, even don’t act.  Hard as it is to see adversity in my own life, it is a great deal more difficult to watch in the lives of others.

Adversity affects us in many ways, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and/or (probably more “and” than “or”) spiritually.  It can be difficult to know what to do about it.  We may try something and find that things are worse.  We might ignore it and realize that it is still there, staring us in the face.  We could become angry, or withdrawn.  At times nothing seems to work.

But I have found something that does work, something that makes a difference.

The answer that I have found is to turn to our Father in Heaven – God – in prayer.  Prayer is talking to God.  It is sharing with Heavenly Father our thoughts, desires, concerns, and blessings.  It is the child going to the Father and asking for help, saying thank you for gifts and blessings, and treating Him as a good friend, sharing innermost thoughts and wishes.

I took the time this morning to do just that.  While I often have a “prayer in my heart” where my thoughts turn to Heavenly Father in joy or in pain, I have taken the opportunity lately more often to actually kneel at my bedside and speak to God out loud.  The interesting, and wonderful, thing is that each time I feel closer to Him.  I find myself not only sharing what is in my heart, but then listening for His voice, His words in my mind and heart.

Moreover, by doing this more regularly He has invited me to stop and hear His reply when I started to get up after pouring out my soul to Him.  And the message He gives me is almost overwhelming in the feelings of love that I feel from Him, the guidance that He gives me, and the encouragement and higher-level thinking that He shares with me!

I can testify that God is nearer to us than we realize.  He is so close to us, ever ready to step in and help us when we ask Him to, knowing and understanding us and our weaknesses, our follies, our heartaches, and our joys.

Adversity in our lives?  Not nearly so bad when we take them to our Father in Heaven and let Him into our lives!  🙂