Adversity In Our Lives

I have been surrounded by a lot of adversity in my life lately.  I find that it takes its toll on me as I worry, react, act, even don’t act.  Hard as it is to see adversity in my own life, it is a great deal more difficult to watch in the lives of others.

Adversity affects us in many ways, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and/or (probably more “and” than “or”) spiritually.  It can be difficult to know what to do about it.  We may try something and find that things are worse.  We might ignore it and realize that it is still there, staring us in the face.  We could become angry, or withdrawn.  At times nothing seems to work.

But I have found something that does work, something that makes a difference.

The answer that I have found is to turn to our Father in Heaven – God – in prayer.  Prayer is talking to God.  It is sharing with Heavenly Father our thoughts, desires, concerns, and blessings.  It is the child going to the Father and asking for help, saying thank you for gifts and blessings, and treating Him as a good friend, sharing innermost thoughts and wishes.

I took the time this morning to do just that.  While I often have a “prayer in my heart” where my thoughts turn to Heavenly Father in joy or in pain, I have taken the opportunity lately more often to actually kneel at my bedside and speak to God out loud.  The interesting, and wonderful, thing is that each time I feel closer to Him.  I find myself not only sharing what is in my heart, but then listening for His voice, His words in my mind and heart.

Moreover, by doing this more regularly He has invited me to stop and hear His reply when I started to get up after pouring out my soul to Him.  And the message He gives me is almost overwhelming in the feelings of love that I feel from Him, the guidance that He gives me, and the encouragement and higher-level thinking that He shares with me!

I can testify that God is nearer to us than we realize.  He is so close to us, ever ready to step in and help us when we ask Him to, knowing and understanding us and our weaknesses, our follies, our heartaches, and our joys.

Adversity in our lives?  Not nearly so bad when we take them to our Father in Heaven and let Him into our lives!  🙂

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