Overcome Adversity With Love

Today I pulled out the Family Home Evening resource book, put out by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to look up “Friendship”.

When I opened the book, it opened to the lesson, “Love At Home” (pg. 74).  I started reading, and found myself getting more and more engrossed the further I read!  “If Jesus came to visit us” it said.  Wow, that would really be something!  Wouldn’t we want everything to be nice, and wouldn’t we want to treat each other with love?

Next came a beautiful example of how to change the Spirit in your home when there is arguing by remembering the good times.  In the story they pulled out family picture albums to review and got totally caught up reliving past adventures.  The Spirit in their home had changed to one of love.

Next is a game where each person takes a turn telling something someone did to show love and letting the others guess who it is.

My favorite part was the story of a brother and sister who weren’t getting along, and their mother talked with the daughter, who was the older sibling, about trying an experiment and always showing her love for her brother no matter what he said or did.  Of course at first it didn’t make much difference.  But after a while he started showing love too!  Big surprise.  🙂

They even have an activity to do during the following week where you color in the rays (like from a sun) coming out from a heart when you see someone showing love, and writing that person’s name down.

It is a beautiful lesson.  It warmed my heart just to read it through!  And it reminded me that many times we can overcome adversity with love.  Enjoy!



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