Bariatric Surgery

He opted for bariatric surgery.  I remember the first time I heard about it, it scared me to death.

I heard about it many, many years ago.  Some news show talked about the very basics of it.  Cut the stomach, cut the intestines, sew the 2 together.  Done.  You lose weight.

I wondered why they left the cut off pieces in there, what about long-term effects, are they nuts?!

But, with his decision to do it, I learned a LOT more about it.  Amazingly, the more I learned, the more comfortable I became with it – no leftover cut-off pieces, just digestion in a slightly different order than before.  And people are living good lives because of it, you don’t gain it all back if you keep up the new eating habits you learn.  And it should give them a much better quality of life.

Less than a week before his surgery, I met a woman who had had the same procedure several years ago.  I ran into her quite by accident (we know there’s no such thing, right?)  She had complications at the time, but recovered and was glad she did it.

And later I met another woman whose husband had it done more recently.  She said the first 4 hours are the worst, after that it gets better.  She was so right!

It’s still a long road, but for him I think it was a good idea.  I look forward to the blessing this will be for him.  The journey has begun.

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