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How Gentle God’s Commands

1. How gentle God’s commands!
How kind his precepts are!
Come, cast your burdens on the Lord
And trust his constant care.

2. Beneath his watchful eye,
His Saints securely dwell;
That hand which bears all nature up
Shall guard his children well.

3. Why should this anxious load
Press down your weary mind?
Haste to your Heav’nly Father’s throne
And sweet refreshment find.

4. His goodness stands approved,
Unchanged from day to day;
I’ll drop my burden at his feet
And bear a song away.

Text: Philip Doddridge, 1702-1751 Music: Hans Georg Nägeli, 1773-1836; arr. by Lowell Mason, 1792-1872

We sang this beautiful hymn in Sacrament Meeting today.  (Actually it was Fast and Testimony meeting since next week will be General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

This hymn has a lot of meaning for me:

  • First and foremost, the words are full of meaning and give hope and cheer to the struggling, the disillusioned, the downtrodden, even the sinner.  We are all human beings and suffer pain and affliction and adversity of all kinds.  But they don’t have to drag us down!  We can turn to God, our Heavenly Father.  He stands ready to help and bless us.  He can strengthen and sustain us.  He guides and directs us so that we can overcome all things.  He comforts us and lifts us up.
  • When I was young, learning to play the piano, this was the first hymn that my teacher had me learn to play.  I was not familiar with it at that time.  Even now we don’t sing it very often in church.  But with its comforting words and simple melody, it fast became a beloved hymn, providing inspiration and peace throughout my tumultuous teenage years.
  • Not too many years ago I was given the calling at church to be the music leader in Sacrament meeting.  I did not have much experience leading, usually I was the one playing the piano or even during my mission a small pump organ.  As I looked at the music that had already been selected by the previous music leader, I found I was totally unfamiliar with the closing song.  I was nervous anyway about leading such a large congregation, so I chose to change the hymn.  But what to choose?  “How Gentle God’s Commands” came to mind.  Perfect!  I knew it so could concentrate on leading it correctly, the organist did well, the congregation was not so familiar with it but struggled through it.  Later one member of the congregation mentioned this experience when she spoke in church.  She was unfamiliar with this hymn, but it touched her heart and inspired her that day.

Enjoy this meaningful hymn!

If you’d like to hear it, go to



Bariatric + 1 Month

It’s been a month since his bariatric surgery.  How’s it going?

The surgery has healed well and is not bothering him at all.  He’s lost 10% of his body weight, which is very typical.  But now it will slow down by half over the next 2 months.  Again, totally normal.

He still has diabetes, but doesn’t need as much insulin as he did previously.  It is still kind of all over the place, up and down, but I think that will stabilize more as he gets on a more normal diet.

He’s moving around better, though the arthritis pain is still an issue.  He does get a bit cranky now and then.  I think it’s the pain, not being able to do everything he’d like to, and a severely limited diet.  But he is more active, and starting to perk up!  And he is sleeping better at night.

Obviously he still can’t, and never will, eat a lot at one time, and the down side is that his diet is still mainly liquids and soft foods.  But now he does get to add more protein: ground beef, thinly sliced luncheon meat, even one hot dog at a meal.  And the nutritionist was correct, he likes plenty of flavor in his food.

Once again, I have to point out that this was a drastic step to take.  But in this case, I think it was the right decision, and in the end it will give him a better quality of life.

A Little Yellow Flower

I saw my first flower today.  A little yellow tulip.  Not so little, actually.  Just on a short stem.  The bloom itself was a nice-sized one.

The first sign of spring.  I don’t usually care much for spring because to me it means yardwork will soon start.

I do like green lawns, well-manicured trees and bushes, and beautiful flowers.

I’m just not an avid gardener, not one of those who finds enjoyment and fulfillment working in the dirt.  It is a duty to me.  Plain and simple.  And all too soon it also gets hot, too hot to work in the yard, too hot to be outside.

I’m more of an inside person.  Nice air-conditioning, no bugs to bother me, Queen of my domain!

All this from a little yellow flower.  🙂