Bariatric + 1 Month

It’s been a month since his bariatric surgery.  How’s it going?

The surgery has healed well and is not bothering him at all.  He’s lost 10% of his body weight, which is very typical.  But now it will slow down by half over the next 2 months.  Again, totally normal.

He still has diabetes, but doesn’t need as much insulin as he did previously.  It is still kind of all over the place, up and down, but I think that will stabilize more as he gets on a more normal diet.

He’s moving around better, though the arthritis pain is still an issue.  He does get a bit cranky now and then.  I think it’s the pain, not being able to do everything he’d like to, and a severely limited diet.  But he is more active, and starting to perk up!  And he is sleeping better at night.

Obviously he still can’t, and never will, eat a lot at one time, and the down side is that his diet is still mainly liquids and soft foods.  But now he does get to add more protein: ground beef, thinly sliced luncheon meat, even one hot dog at a meal.  And the nutritionist was correct, he likes plenty of flavor in his food.

Once again, I have to point out that this was a drastic step to take.  But in this case, I think it was the right decision, and in the end it will give him a better quality of life.


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