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Good Morning!

As I walked up to church today I passed someone coming out and said, “Good Morning!”

First he reciprocated, “Good morning,” but then, realizing it was past noon added, “Good afternoon.”

Good afternoon, I thought.  Doesn’t quite have the same ring as “Good Morning!”  Why do people have to say the exact, proper greeting?  What about something more generic, like the Germans do, “Guten Tag”?  It means Good Day, so you can say it anytime, morning, noon, evening.

“Good Day.”  No, it just isn’t the same.  It’s rather monochromatic.  “Good Morning!”  has a pleasant lilt to it.  It is friendly and upbeat.  It brightens the mood.  It fairly sings, “Have a wonderful day!”

Who cares what time of day it is.  I just saw you.  It is “morning” to us.

So, “Good Morning!”    🙂

Resentment’s Pathology

Another blog I found very informative!  This is by Carrie Arnold of The Willow Group:

Tears, Or Why We Cry

A good friend of mine, Carrie Arnold, is a Leadership Coach wrote a blog that I’ve thought back about quite a bit since I read it.  With her permission I share it with you today:

You can find this article at



Bariatric + 3

He had a very busy couple of months, but its time for an update.  Things are going very well!

He is continuing to lose weight, and amazingly his energy is increasing!  Instead of being almost bed-ridden and suffering excruciatingly when trying to work on a project, he is able to do something nearly every day.  And it is quite a bit more than what he was able to do before the surgery.

Another blessing is that he recovers faster than he used to from working on those projects.  Whereas it used to be a day or more of needing to stay in bed to regain his strength and for the arthritis pain to subside after pushing himself for a couple of hours, he can now be active almost every day and takes a full day of rest only every few days.  It is amazing!

His arthritis pain seems to have calmed quite a bit, though it is not gone.  But his regular pain medication seems to be handling most of it.  His diabetes is much less severe (but still there), and it fluctuates more than it used to.  He is not totally on regular foods yet, but has introduced a few different items into his diet and seems to handle most pretty well.  He has eaten too much a couple times and the discomfort made him be more careful thereafter.

He is taking protein, vitamin, and calcium supplements, which is going well.  He had some real problems with constipation, but the more diversified diet and increased activity seem to be helping to regulate that problem.

He is not as tired during the day, and he is sleeping better at night.  All in all, I’d say for him it was a good choice to make.  It surprises me what a difference it has made for him, and that I’d ever say I’m glad someone underwent that procedure! 🙂