Bariatric + 6 Months

The changes in him are absolutely astounding.

90-pound weight loss over the last year, and while he doesn’t have “a spring in his step” as another bariatric patient I heard about was described, I am finding myself trying to keep up with him.

His mind is more clear, despite being on the same medications he was on previous to the surgery (except of course for the ibuprofen).  In fact, he was just part of a special Think Tank focus group that discussed the topic of Immigration, to share ideas and recommendations with one of the sub-committees of the United States Congress.  Wow!  🙂

Too bad the arthritis is still very much there.  However the weight-loss is enabling him to be on his feet more and to do more.  And his recovery is faster – though every so often it catches up to him and he has a sleepy day in bed.  Guess his sleep has as hard a time keeping up with him as I do.  🙂

And he is still tethered to the oxygen tube, but he finds new and original ways to deal with that, and with getting things done from his electric wheelchair that would otherwise involve too much walking.

He is now so much more than I had expected he would ever be again.


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