The Aspen in Colorado

Beloved hubby finally felt up to doing something again yesterday after having kind of a rough couple weeks.  So for the first time in years we took a ride to see the aspen in the Colorado mountains.

Since I’d filled the car with gas a couple days earlier, we didn’t have to worry about buying any or running out.  So off we went!

As we left the city behind and became engulfed in the mountains, I found myself relaxing, feeling calmer, and drinking in the beauty of the landscape around us.

As we traveled, the yellow fields gave way to evergreens and bushes, and before long also to aspen trees.  Beautiful, golden, quaking, “money trees”.  A few here and there at first, then yards of them, and soon – mountains of them nestled amongst the myriad of evergreens blanketing the valleys as far as the eye could see!

The deeper we went, the fresher the air, the bluer the sky, the greater our tranquility.  It was wonderful.

Then I noticed the aspen were differing shades – yellow, deep gold, flowing into crimson.  So much beauty!

It lifted my spirits, filled my soul, and strengthened my relationship with God, the Great Creator of it all!

I found peace in the aspen of Colorado.  🙂

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