Flood of Feelings

It was near the end of my workday when I saw an email from the boss and double-clicked to open it up.

It had to do with the move to our new hospital.  OK, I know that is coming up on 12/13/14 day (December 13, 2014).  Our department moves a couple weeks before that, and this looked like more specific information for us.

There were several attachments and I started opening them one by one.  The first couple were general information, one a little lengthy so I’d come back to it later.  Then I opened the timeline.

At first glance I saw that some of our departments were moving starting today.  Not a big surprise as one of my friends mentioned last week that she’d be moving this week.  There were several departments moving this week.

Next tab was for the move in late November, my move.  I began reading through this group of departments making that move, and it happened.

A small wave washed over me.  Which surprised me.

I have worked here since long before the idea of building a new hospital even came up.  I’ve been here through thick and thin as talks began, great obstacles arose, and success was finally assured.  I’ve seen the progress every step of the way, buildings come down, streets straighten out or pushed through, new buildings go up, the enormous hole, cement, 3 huge cranes, cement, layer after layer, cement, steel and cement, cement, cement, cement, walls, windows, bricks, on and on and on!  It has been fascinating!

The excitement has been building.  Pictures and the model look wonderful.  Landscaping, signs, and sidewalks all add to the vision.  Everyone can hardly wait.  When will we finally get to see inside?!

But now suddenly, here I am, looking at the schedule and the wave hits.  A strange little feeling.  Hmmm.  I open the remaining attachments.  And I go back to the lengthy one, glancing through it, stopping to read a little here and there.

The wave isn’t bothering me anymore.  Because now it’s a flood!  I feel giddy, it’s so real, I feel anxious, will it all work out, there’s still excitement, it’s actually coming!  I’m having trouble concentrating.  I need to process these feelings.  Good thing I read this at the end of my day, I’d hate to have to deal with all this all day!

I imagine tomorrow will feel better.  And I wonder how many others are, or will have (perhaps even have had) this flood wash over them?  There will be a lot of differing reactions, I’m sure.  Hopefully I can help some, knowing what they’re going through.  And perhaps I’ll be a little more prepared having experienced this myself to a degree.

And the really funny thing is, I won’t even be in the new building!  We’ll be in an ancillary building.  :0


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