Life in the Church Foyer

I got to church kind of late today for Sacrament Meeting, so went to the foyer, which is right outside the chapel.

Being the first Sunday of the month, today is Fast Sunday in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  For Fast Sunday we fast 2 meals (no food or dink) and give the money we save doing so to the Bishop (the leader of the local congregation).  This “offering” is used to help the poor in our Ward (congregation), or if not needed at that level it will be used to help the poor in a different area.  It is a wonderful part of the Lord’s plan!

Also on Fast Sunday we have a special Sacrament meeting.  Members are invited to go to the pulpit and bear (share) their testimonies.  When you are fasting there is often a special feeling you have, you feel closer to God, with a greater portion of His Holy Spirit in your heart.  Again, a wonderful part of Father’s plan.

As I listened to the testimonies that were being shared, I noticed those who were also in the foyer with me.  A young family, a couple sisters (ladies), a couple missionaries.  And after a time, members of the Ward who meet before us and were now leaving to go back home.  Lots of families, friends, children, and adults.

I realized I was watching life in that foyer.  We are a family-oriented church, so all are invited to Sacrament meeting.  Sometimes children get fussy and are taken out of the chapel to be calmed in the foyer.  Or people might arrive late and wait in the foyer for Sacrament meeting to end and to join in on the Sunday School, Priesthood, Relief Society, Young Men and Young Women, and Primary portions of the day.

I see that friends visit, teachers put last minute touches on their lessons, people make plans for the coming week, fathers play reverent finger games with toddlers, children sway with the music and learn to conduct, and babies learn to walk!

Ah, life is learned in the Church foyer!  🙂

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