Primary Practice

Tomorrow is our Primary Program at church, so today the Primary went to the church to practice in the chapel.

The first time through is always a little rough.  The kids wiggle a lot, play with the choir seats, sometimes get silly, have a hard time sitting still while the others are saying their parts.  But we get through it.

The second time most of the kinks have been worked out of the process and things are starting to run a little smoother.  There’s still a lot of playing around, but the kids are a little more sure of speaking when it’s their turn, and one of the youngest actually says her part this time!

It is interesting to hear the children sing.  I can’t pay a lot of attention to them because I’m busy concentrating on playing the piano and staying in sync with the music director.  Pianos are different and this grand piano’s keys feel different and play differently than the upright in the Primary room.

But you can tell which songs the children love and know really well.  A lot of the time they’re a little quiet, but sometimes they really belt it out.  It makes me smile.

We get through the practice, have the closing prayer, and go to the kitchen for treats – doughnut holes and apple juice this year.  Yum!

The kids were leaving to go home, and I decided to go back to the chapel to run through the songs again.

After playing the songs again, trying to keep it smooth and gloss over any mistakes instead of stopping to redo that part, I was enjoying spending this time at the piano.  So I began playing some of the other church hymns.

Wow, did that bring back memories!  I played songs that I have grown up with and known all my life: Love At Home, O My Father – my all-time favorite song so I decided to sing along with it even though I’m not very good at singing and playing at the same time anymore, Hold To The Rod, and A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief – all 7 verses and I sang with this one too.

The feelings that washed over me as I played these beautiful hymns was amazing!  I felt close to God, and realized anew why I used to love sitting at the piano playing Primary songs and Church Hymns.  And I was thankful once again for learning about Heavenly Father and His gospel all my life.  It has brought me so many blessings, so much strength, and so much happiness.

That is why we keep practicing.  Every time we sing or play the songs, every time we prepare a lesson, every time we say our prayers, or read in the scriptures, or share stories of faith, or stories of how we overcome hardship or survive something traumatic, or choose to be kind when we feel like getting angry – all these things help us become better people and advance us on our journey back to our kind, loving Father in Heaven.

They help us to remember.  And practice makes perfect.

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