25 Days of Christ – Day 13

Today, 12/13/14, is a very special day, the opening of the brand new Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver, Colorado!  And it ties in perfectly with our 25 Days of Christ!  Let me explain.

I awoke early this morning, and thought about the move into the new hospital which would begin at 7:00 am MST.  I recorded some thoughts in my journal:

“Well, it is now 7:33 am.  Patients started moving from the old hospital to the new one at 7:00 am.  I am with them in spirit.

“7 am, the first patient begins the journey.  7:07 am, the 2nd patient begins the journey.  7:14 am, the 3rd patient begins the journey.  They are scheduled to move, one every 7 minutes.  The route has been laid out.  A nurse and transport person accompany every patient.

“Patients are moved in wheelchairs and are taken from the old hospital directly into the new hospital which is attached at the newer, back portion of the old hospital which will remain intact.  Patients not well enough to move by wheelchair will go by ambulance with a full care team to ensure their safety and well-being during the entire transport.  Newborns will be carried in their mothers’ arms (how fun!  🙂 ).  And the NICU babies will transport in their beds through the hospital with their care team and with Mom right behind them, or by ambulance if need be, with Mom there beside them.

“7:45 am now.  7 patients have left for their beautiful new state-of-the-art room and are settling in.  Family members, who were eating a light breakfast while waiting for their loved one’s turn to move, are escorted to the new room where they rejoin their loved one.

“This move has been well planned and well thought out.  There are volunteers all along the route for both patients and family members.  No one will get lost.  Every effort is being made to keep all apprised of process and progress.  It is an exciting day, even from afar!”

OK, that’s pretty exciting, but what does it have to do with Christ?

Saint Joseph Hospital was started 140 years ago by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth.  They were seeking to follow Christ, and did so by  coming to Denver in order to help the poor and underserved.  They began with almost nothing and invited others to help them in their mission.

They built a hospital in the heart of Denver, then later a new one right next door.  50 years later they again looked to build a new hospital.  They desired to stay in the heart of Denver at a time when other hospitals were being built in the surrounding areas.  They were part of the community and wanted to stay there where they were needed the most.  They were able to purchase the land of one of those hospitals that moved from next door to them and were blessed to build the new building right between the two!

The proud tradition of these Sisters, which had its humble beginning with a small handful of dedicated, very motivated Catholic Sisters, has now grown to include 2800 ‘Sisters in spirit’, male and female, from all races, religions, and walks of life – employed and volunteers alike – whose mission embraces the thought: “We are One” with the Sisters.  They feel the spirit of Christ and share His love with all who walk through the hallowed doors of Saint Joseph.

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