Getting Past Worry

Beloved hubby was having a rough night and I ended up letting all the cares and concerns of life drive sleep from me.  As one worry after another marched across the stage of my mind, causing me greater and greater anxiety, I found myself feeling that life is running away with me and I have no control any more.

As I contemplated, and prayed, to know what to do about this situation, finally the thought came that I need to count my blessings.

Counting your blessings has wonderful analgesic properties.  It raises you out of the depths of self-pity, the woes of helplessness, the darkness of hopelessness and self-centeredness, and brings you back into the light.


The word itself feels light and bright.  It brings to mind vision, the ability to see, to see more clearly.  It is accompanied by the thought, “The Light of Christ”.

Suddenly I am feeling more hopeful, more enlightened.  Even before I begin the count of blessings that I have I have become more positive!  Life is not so gloomy anymore.  Worry has now all but vanished from me.

I know not to let worry overcome me, and I think of a story I heard about the apostles feeling greatly distressed, standing in a small circle with their heads down, feeling the weight of their doubts and fears, not realizing that if they were to look up they would see their Savior standing there over them trying to bless and help them, wanting to alleviate their pain and suffering if they would but turn to Him.

When things seem dark and foreboding and we can see no way out, counting our blessings is a good beginning to let the light of Christ back into our lives and to chase those negative thoughts off the stage of our mind.

Light dispels darkness, and hope overcomes fear.  🙂


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