Chores Are A Blessing

As I was folding sheets, freshly laundered and clean-smelling, I first reveled in their softness.  What a blessing a dryer is!

Our dryer had been on the blink for a while, and so after washing the clothes I would lay them out on the furniture all over the livingroom to dry.  It worked great, but they were rather stiff and rough, not soft and fragrant.  What a blessing a dryer is!

I continued to fold.

Hmm, the smooth rhythm brings a feeling of comfort:

  • Pick up a sheet
  • Find a corner
  • Get a corner next to that one
  • Put the two together
  • Follow the two edges to arm’s length
  • Grab with the hand that is holding the two corners
  • Follow the edges to another arm’s length or until you get to the end
  • Bring the four corners together in one hand
  • Line up the middle of the edge you just followed
  • Fold in half one way, then the other
  • until it is small enough to put away.
  • Then pick up the next one and begin again.

It only takes a few minutes.  The folded pile grows as the pile in the basket shrinks.

This is one of those mindless tasks that you can either fret about having to do, or you can relax and enjoy the distraction from more stressful activities.  I choose to relax.

All the while, I realize, I am in training.

“Training?” you ask.

Training.  Muscles are strengthened, repetition increases ability, thoroughness breeds character, to name only a few.

I’m reminded of a plaque that hung on our kitchen wall when I was growing up:

Thank God for dirty dishes,

They have a tale to tell.

While others may go hungry,

We’re eating very well.

With home, health, and happiness,

I shouldn’t want to fuss,

For by the stack of evidence

God’s been very good to us!

Yes, for many reasons I have found:

Chores are a blessing!  🙂


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