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General Women’s Conference

Do you ever wonder what the true vision of womanhood is? october-2013-general-conference-1169820

Do you have trouble finding balance in today’s world with society’s awkward and often disjointed views of women despite all the so-called advances?

Do you long to find your rightful place – your reason for living?

Everyone struggles with these questions, and more, from time to time.  Especially today, when we seek to define womanhood, equality, motherhood, personhood, etc. it can seem that no one really knows, and everyone is simply putting forth their own opinion, of what should be.

I invite you to find out for yourself, to feel a peace and calm that will fill your soul and satisfy your yearnings!

This Saturday, March 28, 2015 beginning at 6:00pm MDT you can be a part of the largest Women’s conference in the world!  It will be broadcast from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and you can watch it live at totally free.  If you miss it, or want to see it again, or go now and see previous ones, go there and enjoy the spiritual feast!

You may never be the same again!  🙂


Driving Along in My Great Big Van

The other day I had to take a different car to work.  So I climbed in, and off I went.

I started down the familiar path that I usually take to go to work.  I haven’t driven this vehicle much for a while, so I’m watching where I am in the lane, trying to stretch a little so the sun won’t be in my eyes so much, staying in the right-hand lane so I can kind of settle in for the drive.

Then a truck comes up in the next lane, passes me, and moves in right in front of me!  I hate… well OK… dislike… trucks.  They think they own the road and can go wherever they want.  You can’t see around them and have no clue what’s going on in front of them, nor what could impact you in your car.

But hey!  🙂  I can see right over the top of you, truck! 

Wow, this is kinda cool. 

You jumped in front of me, and I can see right over the top of you.  In fact, I’ve got a very good view of pretty much everything.

Here comes a larger truck.  OK, you are my equal, but…you are my equal.  You are as tall as I am, but only as tall as I am!  I won’t be feeling small or vulnerable today!

You know, it’s kind of fun to be driving around in my great big, 1-ton, 15 passenger, Ford van!  🙂

(‘course, parking………… a different story.)

Oh, The Things We Presume!

Has this ever happened to you?  You’re going about your life and you suddenly notice something that was totally unexpected!

What do you do? 

Oftimes we instantly make an assumption about what just happened, and why it happened. 

It’s a totally normal, natural, automatic thing to do.  You don’t have the think about doing it, it just pops into your head!  And of course, since you are always right about everything, you know that this reading of the situation is not only correct, but the only possible answer and it rarely even occurs to you to look for another possibility.

That is really not all that bad.  Where the problem arises is with what happens after that.

Because now you suddenly see things in a different light – the light you just presumed, or assumed to be correct – you change the way you act, or react, to that situation, or worse yet, to things in general. 

All of a sudden you are changing your life based on something that you actually don’t even know about for sure.  Because you have now decided to change your thinking by accepting your presumption as truth and so your feelings and thoughts have now changed, often not for the better.

You find yourself on a downward spiral, perhaps slipping out of control, definitely not what you normally would have decided to become, and you feel there is nothing you can do about it.  Afterall, you didn’t give it thought and come to a logical conclusion after searching through the possibilities of what occurred.  So you are simply along for the ride…

But wait! 

By checking on the presumption you made, particularly if you stop to ask about what happened or even brainstorming other meanings to what happened, you suddenly find not only a new thought process, but usually several possible reasons for what happened.

Now you are not locked into one way of thinking and acting anymore. 

Now you are again the master of your soul, you get to choose what you are going to think and to do.

Oh, the things we presume!  🙂

What Is This Thing Called Death?

A good friend passed away this week, and got me to thinking.  What is this thing we call “death”?

Some would say that death is the end, a nothingness, ceasing to exist.

If that were so, where is the meaning of life?  And how could the injustices, the lives of those who seem to suffer so much, or those who live without hope make any sense?

Did we really just “pop” into existence only to be “snuffed” back out?

That just doesn’t sound or feel right!

Others say that death is the most horrific thing that can happen, leaving us hanging in a limbo for all eternity, or consigned to repeat life over and over, ever trying to improve minisculy.

If that were so, would life be lived in constant fear of not making the grade, not learning enough, or of being over before we have the opportunity to show what we can do?

Is that really why we are here, to blow it royally or to have to keep trying forever and ever?

That doesn’t sound or feel right!

Our loving Father in Heaven created the earth as a place for learning and growth for His beloved children.  He sends us, His spirit children, here to get a physical, mortal body.  Death is the separation of our spirit from our physical body (like when you take off a glove).

Our body is left behind, while our spirit continues to live and moves on to the next phase of our learning and growth.

If this is so, where is the meaning of life?  Are we really here to see if we blow it royally or have to keep trying to make it forever and ever?  Life means being able to do more than we could as just living spirits, having additional senses, abilities, and blessings!  Injustices or problems we have no control over that are not corrected here in our physical life will be taken care of after this life.

Father in Heaven’s plan included giving every one of His children the opportunity to learn of Him and to choose to follow His son, Jesus Christ.  If they do not have that opportunity in this life (which a great many of His children do not have), His perfect plan includes the contingency for them to learn after this life.  All will be taught and allowed to choose for themselves whether to accept and follow His great Plan of Happiness!

So, does it matter what we do while here in this life?

Good question!  Yes, the more we learn and grow in this life the better off we will be in the eternities.  All of us have things we struggle with, that is part of mortality, and part of increasing in abilities physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially.  All that we learn here stays with us forever!

We are also here to have joy and rejoicing in the goodness of God, in sharing what we do have with others, and to make a positive difference.  There is purpose to our lives, and the choices we make will impact our eternities.

This thing that we call death is a step along the path of Heavenly Father’s plan.  It is passing through a door, leaving our body behind, meeting with our friends and loved ones who have already passed on, and one day – because of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection – having our spirit and body reunited in a glorified and perfected form never to be separated again, and finally receiving all that we have earned through our many choices throughout our lives.

Now that makes sense!  🙂

Making A Friend

You know, we really do not know what others are thinking or why they do the things they do.  So, what happens?

Our minds fill in the blanks!

We start imagining all sorts of scenarios about why they did what they just did.

And of course, our minds are VERY imaginative and creative!

Even when we have no creativity in our bodies whatsoever, times like this our minds take over and run away with us.  We might imagine absolute worst-case scenarios, or an infinite number of storylines, with rarely a good ending coming up.

And usually we go about our lives living out this fantasy, this made-up story as though it were absolutely true life!  What does that get us?

Not to a good place.  We get stressed out, overwhelmed, become negative, cranky, and worse.

All because of a “dream”!

But what if we challenge those stories?

There are several ways to do this.

  • We can remember that others are the same as we are, trying to do the best they can with the imperfect circumstances they are faced with in life.
  • We can check out what we imagine by asking the other person if that is what is true.
  • We can simply ask questions so as to understand the other person better and learn what life story is going on in their mind.
  • We can assume the best and treat them as a friend.  Friendship usually goes a long way towards bringing people together rather than driving them apart.
  • Etc.

When I have approached situations in one of these ways, some of the most amazing things have resulted!

So I encourage you, next time you’re faced with something you don’t quite understand, instead of running away where your mind wants to take you, stop and check it out.  Give the other person a chance to become a friend.

And remember, everyone has a burden to carry.