Finding The Good Things In Life

Yesterday we watched the last episode of Touched By An Angel on HULU (and YouTube, because HULU actually leaves you hanging with only Part 1).  This powerfully moving finale to a wonderful TV series is my favorite episode!

I love it because it shows how God is interested in His children and loves us.  He is always there for us and invites us to turn to Him and stay close to Him, even in times of great trial.  Our Father in Heaven is the Great Orchestrator and guides us through life, helping us past the bumps in the road and enables us to overcome our sins and weaknesses.

I do believe that He can change us and make bad situations work for our good.  I know that as we pray to Him and try to do what is good and right, He blesses us and helps us to bless and serve others to strengthen them and help them through the trials in life.

I also believe there is much good in life.  It is so easy to get caught up in the negative, bad things, either by being bombarded by it simply because it is a part of this existence, or by actually going to the wrong places and finding, or perhaps even seeking, it.  We run across so much garbage and trouble that it can seem that that is all there is to life.

But that is absolutely not true!  When we stop running after the bad, the negative, the destructive things in life (those things that we feel that moment of discomfort with, knowing that we really shouldn’t be going that way), we have the opportunity to notice that there are good and wonderful things that we can find and participate in.

So this is the first post about seeking for and finding the good things in life.  These are the things that will help us believe in God, our Father in Heaven, and in His Son, Jesus Christ.  They will help us to see life for what it truly is – a time of learning to make good choices and to follow Christ so that we can return with our loved ones to live with Father in Heaven in peace and happiness for all Eternity.

What greater blessing can there be?  Stop groveling in the gutter, raise your hopes and your sights, and become what you are meant to become!  🙂


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