Driving Along in My Great Big Van

The other day I had to take a different car to work.  So I climbed in, and off I went.

I started down the familiar path that I usually take to go to work.  I haven’t driven this vehicle much for a while, so I’m watching where I am in the lane, trying to stretch a little so the sun won’t be in my eyes so much, staying in the right-hand lane so I can kind of settle in for the drive.

Then a truck comes up in the next lane, passes me, and moves in right in front of me!  I hate… well OK… dislike… trucks.  They think they own the road and can go wherever they want.  You can’t see around them and have no clue what’s going on in front of them, nor what could impact you in your car.

But hey!  🙂  I can see right over the top of you, truck! 

Wow, this is kinda cool. 

You jumped in front of me, and I can see right over the top of you.  In fact, I’ve got a very good view of pretty much everything.

Here comes a larger truck.  OK, you are my equal, but…you are my equal.  You are as tall as I am, but only as tall as I am!  I won’t be feeling small or vulnerable today!

You know, it’s kind of fun to be driving around in my great big, 1-ton, 15 passenger, Ford van!  🙂

(‘course, parking…………..is a different story.)

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