Do You Ever Feel Weird?

Recently as I was leaving the building, I suddenly felt kind of weird.  You may have felt it before yourself, something just kind of hits you, feels a bit strange.

I found myself wondering what brought it on.  I immediately began a mental checklist to see if I can discover why I’m feeling this way right now.

  • Did I forget something? 
  • Did something happen that I need to deal with? 
  • Did someone say or do something that is affecting me? 
  • Did a negative thought just jump into my head?
  • Is it something positive that I just haven’t been able to really give some thought to?
  • Is there something I need to share with someone that I haven’t taken care of yet?
  • Is it something that bothers me that I have no control over, but worry about anyway?

It amazes me how much my emotions and thoughts can affect me!  This time I can’t discern a specific reason for the feeling, so I set it aside and think about where I’m going.  If the checklist had brought something to my attention, I could have considered it, contemplated what the best course of action might be around it, and decided what to do about it.  Or not.

Sometimes I’m just not ready to deal with the issue and need a little time to adjust.

Oh well, this too shall pass!  🙂  Feelings are interesting!


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