Filling My Life With Good Things

I am reminded once again how important it is to fill my life with good things.

We are so blessed in this day and age.  There is an incredible amount of choices out there.  While we may often be bombarded, one way or another, by the negative and even downright bad things, I realize that there are an infinite number of positive and downright good and even righteous things!

And the really great news is, that you don’t have to have a lot of money to enjoy the good things in life!!  🙂

Let’s start with a biggie, media.  Media includes books, magazines, newspapers, photos, radio, TV, movies, CD players, internet, even emails as well as mail – bills, ads, announcements, letters, etc., etc., etc.!

It’s easy to fall for the nearest one, or the easiest one, the most provocative one, or the loudest one, or the latest fad.

But it doesn’t take much to go one step farther and seek out the better one, in any category.  There are good things in every one of the categories listed above in Media.  And one of the best sources, available for absolutely free, is the library.

This is a great starting place because it costs nothing, and has a huge selection in every type of media and subject imaginable.

Now here’s the secret.

As you watch, listen, or look at Media, begin an experiment.  Stop to notice how you are feeling.

Is it dragging you down, or lifting your spirits?

Are you feeling out-of-sorts, or do you find yourself smiling and feeling positive?

Is it embarrassing, or is it fulfilling?

Do you want to hide or lash out, or do you want to do something nice for someone?

What thoughts are you filled with?  Dark, hurtful, mean, or sad thoughts, or light, healing, happy thoughts that start turning your mind toward others and toward a loving Father in Heaven?

It is truly amazing how much influence our surrounds have on us and on what we think about and then spend our time on.

Improve your life, your thoughts, and your actions by dwelling on the good, wholesome, positive, meaningful, happy, Christ-like things that are all around you everywhere you choose to look.

Fill your life with the good things in life, and notice the difference it makes.  🙂

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