Temple Open House Open to Everyone!

Fort Collins Colorado Temple rendering  I was talking with a friend recently about a temple being built in her area and asked if she seen it being built?  She said yes, it looks like it will be a very beautiful building.  She had wondered whether during the Open House anyone would be able to go in and see it, not just members of the Church?

Naturally I was happy to let her know that yes, everyone is invited to see the temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during an Open House.  That’s why we have Open Houses!

We want all to see the beauty of these sacred buildings, to know why we have them, what goes on inside them, how important they are to families as well as to our own existence, and to experience firsthand the peaceful, special feelings that come when you enter within these hallowed walls (or even when you simply walk onto the grounds around the Temples).

I remember when I was growing up and there were about a dozen temples worldwide.  We learned that one day temples would dot the earth!  It seemed so incredible to believe that it would ever be like that, afterall it took years to build just one temple.  But I have lived to see that prophecy come true.

Today there are 171 working temples throughout the world.  Each is a sacred place that allows you, even if you can’t go inside, to feel God’s presence as you stand and gaze upon it.  They are one of Heavenly Father’s choicest blessings given to His children on the earth today to help them feel His presence and for a brief moment, almost gaze into the very face of God.

Yes, please come and see what there is to see!  🙂


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