Talking in Church This Sunday

I’ve been asked to speak in Sacrament meeting this Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016.  The topic is Christ – The Light of the World.

Speaking in Sacrament meeting is a normal occurrence in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Rather than the bishop (leader of the congregation) giving sermons, he and his counselors ask members of the ward (congregation) to speak, usually assigning them a week or so in advance and giving them the topic to speak on.

Sound scary?

Well, the first thing you do when you are asked to speak (after accepting the invitation) is to pray.  Since this is Christ’s church we want to speak the words He wants us to speak.  In fact, prayer is a great first step for any assignment in the Church (and really in life too).  We ask for guidance on what to prepare, humility to seek His will, and even strength to go through with it and not be too nervous in front of the congregation.  Not that they’re very scary, but it can be hard to get up and speak in front of people, especially when you are concentrating on whether you’ll make a mistake, or not be able to think of what to say, or lose your notes, etc.

But once you concentrate more on gathering your information and thoughts, putting them together in a cohesive manner, and continue to pray for guidance and to say what Heavenly Father would have you say, you start to calm down some and you find that different ideas pop into your mind as well as thoughts on where to look or ask for additional resources.

You also pray for inspiration as to what experiences you’ve had that fit with this topic and what you learned from them.  This can be a real eye-opener as you suddenly see an experience that may have been difficult for you at the time, but now you see it actually helped you in some way.

You look through the scriptures and add a couple to your talk.  It’s amazing the Spirit that you feel as you search the scriptures with real purpose.  You might find an answer or two for yourself that you have been wondering about.

I’m looking forward to speaking about Christ being the light of the world.  That thought permeates so much of life.  Afterall, all good things come from God and Christ.  Talking about good things is always inspirational!

Do you have any thoughts or advice for me as I prepare my talk this week?  🙂



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  1. Thank you for the Pingback! I think Christ as the Light of the World is a part of everything in life, a place we can turn to for hope, comfort, and knowledge of the truth. 🙂


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