Discerning Right From Wrong

With all the choices available to us, can we always tell the right from the wrong?  Sometimes it seems it is a very thin line between the two, and often the line seems rather blurred.

But to be truly happy, and safe from wrong influences, we want to avoid temptation and stay on God’s side.

In the Sunday School lesson yesterday was an example that I think can really help us clarify do that.

It is set up as a demonstration during a family discussion:

“Have a family member stand in the center of the room. Explain that in this demonstration, the area to the right of that person represents all the good things that can be done in life. The area to the farthest right represents the very best things that can be done. The area to the left of the person represents all the wrong things that can be done in life. The area to the farthest left represents the very worst things that can be done.

“Explain that Elder Richard G. Scott presented a similar object lesson. Then he observed: ‘In the middle, it is difficult to discern what is right and what is wrong. This middle area is where Satan works with righteous people. … It is easy to become confused here. Live well within the wonderful area of good the Lord has defined, and you won’t have any problems with temptation. If you are not sure whether something is appropriate to look at, to listen to, to think about, or to do, then avoid it. You could be headed for one of Satan’s traps’ (“Do What Is Right,” Ensign, June 1997, 53–54).”

See?  This helps simplify the process.  I love this!

When we choose to stay on the Lord’s side, Satan has no power over us.  His temptations don’t tempt us.  And we feel better inside, not all stressed, fearful, and doubtful.

The more we do it, the more we learn to discern right from wrong, and the happier we will be.  🙂

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