Signs of Spring

As I walked back to my desk today I noticed a tree outside the window whose buds are really sprouting forth!  They’re not just little buds anymore.

So I walked over to the window to survey the view.  There are some bushes across the sidewalk that also are sprouting forth.  It seems they are enjoying the benefits of our recent snowstorm.

Next a handful of birds caught my eye.  They were leaving a tree further away that still looks quite bare.  So I easily spotted a nest, and a possible second nest, near the upper branches.

The nest made me think of the birds at my house.  Many years ago the birds found an unlikely spot to build their nests, against the house on top of the front porch light fixtures!  With the little box that housed the motion detector, the birds found just enough room to build their nests.

Once we could see that they had tried to start a nest that fell off, and they rebuilt.  The second nest was a success.

And one summer we were in and out the front door so much, causing the bird sitting on the nest to constantly fly off to the tree to wait until we were safely away before returning, that we got a plywood board and put it up between us and the nest/light so they wouldn’t have to fly off every time we walked out.  It worked, and the babies were safely hatched.

I have also seen a couple of flowers in the yard starting to grow.  It was just the green leaves when I noticed them, but the flowers are not far behind.

Yes, signs of spring are coming out all over!

What are your favorite signs of spring?  🙂


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