At War With the Wasps

This year I will win!  We have had wasp problems for several years.  They seem to build their nests everywhere.

Little by little I have been learning how to combat them, and we make some progress.  But this year I am determined to win.

So in February I put out a couple of the yellow traps Rescue YJTR-DT12 Reusable Yellow Jacket Trapthat I’ve had some success with before (esp. last year).  And I decided to try a new product: Rescue TSW-BB6 Visilure TrapStik for Wasps

The Rescue TSW-BB6 Visilure TrapStik for Wasps is like the old fly strips that were sticky and wouldn’t let go of the insects when they landed on them.

I bought one to see how it went.  I put it out during a couple nice days in early March, hoping to catch queen wasps as they came.

For a couple of days I didn’t see anything on it.  Then one day……….success!  There in the middle of it, was a wasp!  It could not get loose.

After a few more days there were a couple smaller black bugs.  And then again, success!  Another wasp, pretty close to the first one in fact.

Several days later there were a couple more of them (my other traps were still empty by the way).

Then we had some really cold and snowy weather again.  The stickiness was unaffected, and I noticed that the first wasp also survived the weather, though couldn’t get loose.

I have bought more of both and recently put more up around the house.  I am armed and prepared!  I plan to try to keep it up all summer.

I am pleased with the results of the Rescue trap – I hope they were all queens!  🙂

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