Visiting Teaching – Watching Over Each Other

I’ve mentioned Visiting Teaching before, and recently I went visiting teaching to a couple of sisters (ladies) I’m assigned to.

I picked up my companion and we drove over toward our first one.  When I had called to schedule the appointment, she asked if I knew where her house was.  I said I had her address but hadn’t ever been by there.  So she gave me directions.

Good thing she did, because she’s tucked away a little in the middle of a neighborhood that has streets twisting and turning in several directions.  But by following her instructions we had little trouble finding her.

She’s a dear little lady and the three of us had a great visit.  In light of our recent snowstorm we commiserated over trying to navigate roads in the snow, and how the street snow removal is not what it used to be.  We discussed how long we’ve lived in the area, raising our children, and how things have been going in our lives.  We found we had more in common than we realized, and we left basking in the warmth of true friendship and the blessings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our next appointment was another wonderful sister.  She was ready for us when we got there and had a box of yarn for my companion as they both thoroughly enjoy knitting and crocheting and making hand-made items of all kinds.  As we got to know each other I was amazed at how different our backgrounds, talents, likes, dislikes, challenges, and experiences are.  And it is interesting to see all the variety in each person’s life, and to be reminded how there really is a time and a season to all things.

And of course one thing we all had in common was the Church, the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Being united within this basic and fundamental, most glorious way was the best thing of all.  We know that we are daughters of our loving Father in Heaven, that He loves us, He knows us and our individual differences and circumstances.  And He has guided our paths to bring us to this point in our lives where we intersect and have the privilege of getting to know, love, and watch out for each other.

What a beautiful, perfect, and happy plan!  🙂


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