Focusing On The Positive

I read a book recently that suggested keeping a journal and writing in it everyday three good things that happened that day.

It pointed out that this is a good thing to do, not only for our well-being (as thinking of positive things helps us feel better) but also that it is good for our health and can help the condition of our skin (and thus our appearance) as we know that stress has physical effects on us.

It helped reinforce for me the benefits that come from looking at the bright side, seeking for that which is good in life, and counting our blessings which all have more far-reaching effects on us than we realize.  I know I am happier when I do these things – I feel more grounded in life, and better able to weather the storms and trials that cross my path.

It’s building your life on a firm foundation.  Foundations are vitally important.  Buildings that are not built on firm foundations develop stress cracks and can even give way altogether, as we’ve seen many times.  But when they are built on good, strong foundations, even though it may take more time, money, and effort, they can survive hurricanes and even earthquakes.

The same holds true for us.  Focusing on the positive, and looking for the positive, helps us build and maintain a firm foundation, and keeps us internally on an even keel and glowing bright!  🙂


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