Eventful Month

It’s been a very full and eventful month.  Illness, hospitalizations, roofing, worries, team building, service, LDS General Conference, temple dedication, priesthood blessings, sharing my thoughts of Sacred, and family have all been a huge part of my life this month!

Through it all, and because of it, I have been reminded of the great blessings I enjoy because of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through the sorrow, the fatigue, the worry, the pain, and the suffering of myself and others the light of Christ has shown through and comforted, lifted, and calmed with its infinite power to shine forth and bless.

And through the fun, the thoughtfulness, the service, and the sacred and spiritual moments the light of Christ has increased the joy, hopefulness, love, and relationships with Heavenly Father’s great gift that increases our abilities, aptitudes, sensitivities, and power.

It has been quite a month of ups and downs.  And of rejoicing in, and recognition of, the marvelous gifts and power of a loving and eternal Father in Heaven, Who has seen us through it all.  How blessed I am for my relationship with Him, and my knowledge of who He is.  🙂

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