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Bariatric + 9

At 9 months since his bariatric surgery things are progressing well.

He continues to lose weight – which is noticeable as you look at him, not from having his weight checked as he has been doing so well that he hasn’t seen a doctor in a couple months!

His diet has pretty well normalized.  He drinks plenty of water, using Crystal Light (name brand and generic) for flavor, sipping it throughout the day.  For breakfast he eats about half what he did pre-surgery, and has a better variety, a bowl of broth and a bowl of cereal.  He loves citrus fruits during the day, with maybe a salad or some tomatoes with Italian dressing.  Dinner is more varied, spaghetti (again about half what he used to eat), hamburger, different types of fish, and with cooler weather finally beginning to approach, casseroles.  He snacks better too, less sweets and more cottage cheese, corn tortillas with cheese and a little meat, or blue cheese (yuck!)  🙂

He has more energy, so is doing more on his own, without always needing someone right there to help out.  He falls asleep faster and sleeps better.  There’s still the arthritis issue, and he gets more sore from doing more, but it hasn’t stopped him, only slowed him sometimes.  He doesn’t bounce, but he walks with more balance.  His outlook on life is better too.

Bariatric surgery has been a blessing in his life!

Bariatric + 6 Months

The changes in him are absolutely astounding.

90-pound weight loss over the last year, and while he doesn’t have “a spring in his step” as another bariatric patient I heard about was described, I am finding myself trying to keep up with him.

His mind is more clear, despite being on the same medications he was on previous to the surgery (except of course for the ibuprofen).  In fact, he was just part of a special Think Tank focus group that discussed the topic of Immigration, to share ideas and recommendations with one of the sub-committees of the United States Congress.  Wow!  🙂

Too bad the arthritis is still very much there.  However the weight-loss is enabling him to be on his feet more and to do more.  And his recovery is faster – though every so often it catches up to him and he has a sleepy day in bed.  Guess his sleep has as hard a time keeping up with him as I do.  🙂

And he is still tethered to the oxygen tube, but he finds new and original ways to deal with that, and with getting things done from his electric wheelchair that would otherwise involve too much walking.

He is now so much more than I had expected he would ever be again.


Bariatric + 3

He had a very busy couple of months, but its time for an update.  Things are going very well!

He is continuing to lose weight, and amazingly his energy is increasing!  Instead of being almost bed-ridden and suffering excruciatingly when trying to work on a project, he is able to do something nearly every day.  And it is quite a bit more than what he was able to do before the surgery.

Another blessing is that he recovers faster than he used to from working on those projects.  Whereas it used to be a day or more of needing to stay in bed to regain his strength and for the arthritis pain to subside after pushing himself for a couple of hours, he can now be active almost every day and takes a full day of rest only every few days.  It is amazing!

His arthritis pain seems to have calmed quite a bit, though it is not gone.  But his regular pain medication seems to be handling most of it.  His diabetes is much less severe (but still there), and it fluctuates more than it used to.  He is not totally on regular foods yet, but has introduced a few different items into his diet and seems to handle most pretty well.  He has eaten too much a couple times and the discomfort made him be more careful thereafter.

He is taking protein, vitamin, and calcium supplements, which is going well.  He had some real problems with constipation, but the more diversified diet and increased activity seem to be helping to regulate that problem.

He is not as tired during the day, and he is sleeping better at night.  All in all, I’d say for him it was a good choice to make.  It surprises me what a difference it has made for him, and that I’d ever say I’m glad someone underwent that procedure! 🙂

Bariatric + 1 Month

It’s been a month since his bariatric surgery.  How’s it going?

The surgery has healed well and is not bothering him at all.  He’s lost 10% of his body weight, which is very typical.  But now it will slow down by half over the next 2 months.  Again, totally normal.

He still has diabetes, but doesn’t need as much insulin as he did previously.  It is still kind of all over the place, up and down, but I think that will stabilize more as he gets on a more normal diet.

He’s moving around better, though the arthritis pain is still an issue.  He does get a bit cranky now and then.  I think it’s the pain, not being able to do everything he’d like to, and a severely limited diet.  But he is more active, and starting to perk up!  And he is sleeping better at night.

Obviously he still can’t, and never will, eat a lot at one time, and the down side is that his diet is still mainly liquids and soft foods.  But now he does get to add more protein: ground beef, thinly sliced luncheon meat, even one hot dog at a meal.  And the nutritionist was correct, he likes plenty of flavor in his food.

Once again, I have to point out that this was a drastic step to take.  But in this case, I think it was the right decision, and in the end it will give him a better quality of life.

Bariatric Results

He’s been back to the surgeon for the bariatric follow-up appointment.  Results?

Surgery itself is healing properly and well.  As a matter of fact, it no longer causes pain.  Yea!

Diabetes practically gone (not quite), swelling in feet gone, weight-loss over 20 lbs – these are going well.

Other side of the coin: nausea a bit, tired some, arthritis pain intensified.  😦  Hoping that physical therapy at a multi-disciplinary location will decrease the stiffness in the back, which is locking up a little more (and causing more pain) each day without the benefit of anti-inflammatories.  That is the greatest concern.  It has nothing to do with the surgery, other than having to stop the ibuprofen, and was the thing he was most concerned about before surgery.  Hopefully weight-loss will also help, but it’s not guaranteed.

It’s a drastic step to take, but can be the best choice for some.  It is a lifestyle change.

In this case, we hope it will increase the quality of life.  I think it will.  🙂