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Ivanka Has A Clothing Line?

Wow!  Where can I buy some?  Thank you, Nordstrom, for throwing a spunk!  I had no idea!  🙂

Have You Voted Yet?

Beloved hubby and I voted yesterday for this year’s general election!  How I love early voting!

We’re done.  We have done our duty, taken advantage of the great freedoms we enjoy in this country, and honored the sacrifice of the tens of millions of military forces who paid the price, over 4 million of whom gave their lives, so we could have the privilege of voting for our elected officials, and in total secrecy to boot!

Of course we’re all inundated with hundreds of calls throughout any election year, all wanting to know who you are planning to vote for, and does knowing x, y, and/or z about some candidate change the way you feel about that candidate?  I have learned that much of this is fabricated and designed to make you feel a certain way about that candidate.  So I don’t fall for those lines.

And of course the ads, and the blustering of the candidates, always get ridiculously out of hand and uglier and more vile the closer Election Day comes.  It happens every time.  Those who are elected always have a division to try to bridge and heal.  It is the same old story played out with a different cast of characters every time.

So we get involved, check what the actual facts are, pray for Heavenly Father’s help for the candidates and guidance for us in choosing the best candidates, and make the best decision that we can.  And we vote.

And I have to chuckle.  As I hear about the polls and media trying to find out who people voted for, I remember what my mother said she tells them when they ask her, “That is private!  I don’t even let my husband know who I voted for!”

Voting is a privilege.  Make sure you take advantage of it.  🙂

At War With the Wasps

This year I will win!  We have had wasp problems for several years.  They seem to build their nests everywhere.

Little by little I have been learning how to combat them, and we make some progress.  But this year I am determined to win.

So in February I put out a couple of the yellow traps Rescue YJTR-DT12 Reusable Yellow Jacket Trapthat I’ve had some success with before (esp. last year).  And I decided to try a new product: Rescue TSW-BB6 Visilure TrapStik for Wasps

The Rescue TSW-BB6 Visilure TrapStik for Wasps is like the old fly strips that were sticky and wouldn’t let go of the insects when they landed on them.

I bought one to see how it went.  I put it out during a couple nice days in early March, hoping to catch queen wasps as they came.

For a couple of days I didn’t see anything on it.  Then one day……….success!  There in the middle of it, was a wasp!  It could not get loose.

After a few more days there were a couple smaller black bugs.  And then again, success!  Another wasp, pretty close to the first one in fact.

Several days later there were a couple more of them (my other traps were still empty by the way).

Then we had some really cold and snowy weather again.  The stickiness was unaffected, and I noticed that the first wasp also survived the weather, though couldn’t get loose.

I have bought more of both and recently put more up around the house.  I am armed and prepared!  I plan to try to keep it up all summer.

I am pleased with the results of the Rescue trap – I hope they were all queens!  🙂

Comcast and History Channel H2

The H2 History channel on Comcast is going away.  😦

Not only that, but it is being replaced by a no-value, degrading channel, Viceland.  As the History Channel, H2, is one of the main reasons Beloved Hubby settled on Comcast for, he was extremely upset by this change.

So, he called Comcast to complain.  Of course, their starting point was that they were sorry he didn’t like it, but that’s what they are doing.

Being the world’s most effective complainer, he didn’t let that slide.

He asked to speak to a manager.  He pointed out that this was one of the handful of channels that had sold him on signing up with Comcast in the first place, and since it was in the channel line-up when he signed the contract, this was a breach of contract on their part!

He kept pushing and they finally agreed to give him HBO for free for 3 months.  And they will turn it off automatically at the end of the 3 months, he doesn’t have to keep track and call in to cancel it.

Though HBO isn’t that great as most of their shows are also degrading, there is some value to this and now Comcast knows there is at least one customer who doesn’t appreciate their latest channel line-up change.

Yea for Beloved Hubby!  I love how he can effectively get his point across to companies who usually get away with stuff they shouldn’t be unaccountable for.  🙂

Kaspersky Saved Us

I usually do not do product endorsements.  I usually have other things on my mind.

But recently Kaspersky saved us, so I want to thank them.

Beloved hubby cleans our computer every time we have finished with it, either at the end of the day or even sometimes after doing some intense internet work.

I am so grateful that he does, because we ended up with a problem.

Kaspersky caught it when we did the cleaning.  Kaspersky identified what it was and told us how to get rid of it.

We followed the instructions.  I was concerned because we have had computers catch viruses and whatnot before and be totally ruined.

But with Kaspersky’s help we were able to be rid of this issue, lose no data, and our computer is doing very well indeed!

We’ve tried other internet security programs, but when we investigated to see which one we wanted last year, we thought Kaspersky was the best and went with it.

They have proven their worth to us!  🙂