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Primary Program Time Again

Today was our Primary Program in Sacrament meeting.

I am still their pianist, a calling that I love!  I love working with the children, feeling their special and tender feelings for Jesus Christ and for Heavenly Father.  They love the prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, and they love each other and coming to church.

They also love singing.  This group has learned a few songs that have 2 parts or that have a descant (a part that is higher than the regular song).  They love doing this so much that although it is a smaller group than we’ve had for a few years, their singing was strong and clear!  Several people commented on it and on how much they enjoyed hearing it.  (And remember, this is the regular Primary children, not a special choir or group of the children.)

The Primary Program is one of, if not the best programs of the entire year.  And today’s program was truly inspirational.  The children behaved reverently during the whole thing, every one of them spoke clearly enough to be heard – even the youngest ones – and they truly helped us feel the Spirit of God in that meeting.

These children know who they are, they know where they come from, and they know where they are going.  They want to choose the right and feel the closeness of God in their lives.  They love their families, they are not perfect, but they know what to do when they do something wrong.  They are learning to stand for the right, to try to follow Jesus Christ’s example, and to strengthen their faith and their families.

That is what Primary helps children in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do.  And it is the same, exact thing all over the world!  🙂

Primary – The Great Equalizer!

Primary never ceases to amaze me.  I recently realized that Primary is the great equalizer!

As we go about our daily lives, we find that we are all different.  We have various talents, interests, strengths, opinions, biases, and thoughts.  At times it seems there is no reconciliation whatsoever, because try as we might, we can still find ourselves on opposite sides and with no idea why others don’t see things as we do!

Enter, Primary.

Something truly amazing happens when people start serving in Primary.  They still have various talents, interests, strengths, opinions, biases, and thoughts, but now they also have something in common.

They are teaching children about their Father in Heaven and His plan of happiness.

Viola’!  Instantly their various talents, interests, strengths, opinions, biases, and thoughts meld together into one – one purpose, one goal, one mind, one heart.

They are all suddenly friends, and fellow-servants with Christ, using their various talents, interests, strengths, opinions, biases, and thoughts for a higher purpose.  The outcome of this metamorphosis is astonishing!

People who used to be at odds with each other suddenly become good friends.  They now see that they are not so very different after all, in fact, they have quite a lot in common.  And they discover, perhaps to their surprise, that that which makes us the same far outweighs that which makes us different.

Thank you, Father in Heaven, for Primary – the great equalizer!  🙂

Come With Me to Primary

It is such a joy to be in Primary!

They had an interesting activity today.  The Jr. Primary (ages 3-8) were told by the Primary President, who was giving the lesson during sharing time today, to go to the other side of the room, line up in 2 equal lines, fold a piece of paper into an airplane, and fly it across the room.

Then the fun began!

They all, well except one, got up and went to the other side of the room.  They got into a couple of groups, all the older children in one and the few youngest children in the other.  One child in each group had picked up the piece of paper and started folding it.

We could hear one of the older girls trying to get people lined up into equal lines.  The Primary President stopped everyone and mentioned that it sounded like someone was trying to get things organized.  She then asked this particular girl if she would like to be in charge.  Her whole face lit up as she answered, “Yes!”

She immediately took charge and got everyone into 2 lines.  Then the Primary President told her to have 2 of them fold the paper airplanes.  So she chose the two who were working on them already.  One young man had folded his paper in half the long way, then unfolded it and folded in the 2 corners and then refolded it the long way.  That was his plane.

The other child, also a young man, folded his the same way only then folded down the top of the long sides so it was a thinner plane.

Next the Primary President had the young lady pick 2 children to fly the planes.  Neither went far at all.  When they returned to their seats she asked them how it was when they first were following the directions.  Things were “crazy”.  Then she asked how it was when there was a leader to help them know what to do.  That went much better.

The gist of the lesson was the importance of the Prophet in the church.  He helps us to know what Heavenly Father wants us to do, and then we can all do it.  We do not vote for the Prophet.  He is chosen by God.  But we have the opportunity to sustain him, as well as everyone who gets called to a position in the church.  We sustain them by supporting and helping them, and doing the things we should be doing.

The older group was just as much fun.  They slowly lined up boys against the girls, only there were a lot more boys than girls.  One boy started folding one of the planes, but all the other boys wanted to fold it too and followed him wherever he went!

The Primary President stopped them and pointed out that the 2 lines were not equal, that the boys all wanted to fold the plane, and the girls were standing next to the wall saying, “Why do we have to make airplanes?”  She asked if someone wanted to be the leader and called on the first person to raise their hand.

He got the children divided up into 2 equal lines, then picked 2 to fold the planes, and then 2 to throw them.  One plane was quite similar to what the younger children had made, and flew a couple feet.  The other reminded me of a stealth plane, flat with the front folded underneath it.  It flew the best, a few feet.

When she asked them what it was like when they were all just following her directions, they said it was, “Waco”.  Again the discussion about why it is so important and helpful to have one person who leads the church, and what we can do to sustain the Prophet.

Primary is fun!  Come with me to Primary and see for yourself.  🙂

Dealing With Stress In Whatever Form

Yesterday I mentioned being reminded that fasting and prayer are excellent sources of strength when you are feeling stressed out.  This brings additional help and guidance from Heavenly Father, additional spiritual power and blessings!

There was also a powerful scripture that was used in Primary on Sunday.

Alma 7:11-12, “And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people.

“And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities.”
When you think about it, this covers a lot of areas!  Jesus suffered all things, so He knows what we are going through.  He suffered not only for the sins of all mankind (and womankind 🙂 ) but also for all our pain and sorrows.  He does know how we feel.  And He knows how to comfort and help us.
For Him to do that all we have to do is turn to Him.  Ask Heavenly Father for help.  Explain what is going on, how we feel, and ask for His help.  He will send His Spirit to comfort us and to enlighten us to see the path we should follow.  He sorrows when we are sorrowful.  He longs to bless and lift us.  He has given us so many blessings.  Thinking of them, counting our blessings, will also ease our burden and help us through life.
If we have done something wrong (sinned) we repent.  Confess them and forsake them.  Try to do better.  Treat others as we should.  Believe in God and Jesus Christ.  Do what is right.
Pray for guidance to handle whatever is stressing us at the moment.  There is light at the end of the tunnel. 
And, as the scriptures say, “It came to pass”, not “it came to stay”.  This too shall pass.  We can be happy again!  🙂

25 Days of Christ – Day 25

On the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Savior of the world, I humbly share with you The Living Christ:

The Living Christ

Running the Wrong Way

Suppose you are running a race.  You are doing your very best, running as fast as you can.  

Suddenly, there’s a problem.  :0

You discover that you are running the wrong way!  What do you do?

Would you keep right on going?

No, you are going the wrong way.  If you kept going you wouldn’t get where you want to go, and you wouldn’t win.

So you’d stop what you’re doing, and go the correct way.  And, you would do so quickly!

The same principle applies when you “discover” that you did something wrong.

If you keep on going, you’re not going to get where you really want to go.

But, you may think, it’s too embarrassing to correct.  Or you don’t want to correct because you deserve it, or because no one will know anyway, or because you just don’t want to or it’s just too hard.

But if you really think about it, do any of those excuses really make any sense?  And while it may seem easier to just let it be and keep going as you were, in reality you know that that plan of action really isn’t any good.

Course corrections, otherwise known as repentance or change, are a necessary part of life.  No one makes no mistakes.  So we all have to change, to repent.  Here are the steps of repentance:

  1. Recognize that you did something wrong
  2. Feel sorry for what you did
  3. Admit what you did and ask forgiveness from the person you wronged
  4. Right the wrong, do what you can to make up for it
  5. Learn from the mistake and never do it again

Think of a time when you repented, corrected something you did wrong.  Yes it is hard to repent.  But, how did you feel when you repented?  You felt good inside, like a burden was lifted off your shoulders.  And you were able to move on with your life.  You were a stronger, better, and much happier person for it!

Resolve today that you will change the things in your life that need to be corrected.  And not to stew over them debating whether or not to repent or when.  Just like realizing you’re running the wrong way, quickly repent and get moving in the right direction.  You’ll lose less time, be less stressed, and feel much happier.