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Helping With Employment

Last night I went to my first Stake Employment Meeting in my new calling as Assistant Ward Employment Specialist.  It’s a weekly meeting held at the church for people who would like some help looking for a job, or a better job.

Beloved hubby and I arrived moments before a couple other Ward employment specialists and we all started discussing the national job fair Kroger is having this weekend from 10am to 3pm at all their stores.

Soon a gentleman came in for help and one of the others started working with him online.  Next a friend of mine came in to start looking for something else.  Beloved hubby and I started going over some possibilities.

3 more job seekers came along and started looking on the computers and working on resumes.

After a while beloved hubby suggested I go over and talk with the young woman who’d come in with her husband.  I told them it was my first time in this capacity and we started talking.

As I learned more about her and the skills/talents she already had, I suggested to her she put together a skills-based resume.  This is something beloved hubby helped me put together when I first rejoined the workforce after being a homemaker for several years.

A skills-based resume lets you really highlight your skills – from employment, school, volunteer work, life’s lessons, talents, and abilities.  I think it’s a great way to showcase what you know and what you’ve done.  Then the employment history is listed below right before education history.

It was kind of fun for a first time.  And with several Specialists there to help out, everyone can make progress.  And they’ll even work on things like interviewing skills and practice.  They can help every step of the way.

And I am learning some new skills and knowledge too!  🙂

Prayer Made My Day A Success!

This morning I set the alarm early because I knew what was ahead.

And I didn’t know how I would handle it.

A 2-day retreat at work, Beloved Hubby coming home Wednesday, and several people I had to get processed, with more adding on every day.  I was so worried my insides were all knotted up and I was almost shaking.

What to do?  What do I do first?

You got it (you’re getting to know me pretty well, huh?)

That’s right.  Prayer.

So, I knelt beside my bed and poured out my thoughts, feelings, worries, and to-do list to Father in Heaven.  I didn’t know how I was going to get through these next few days.  I haven’t worried this much in a long time.

As I was getting ready for the day, a call came.  I had to run an errand before going to work.  I looked at my watch.  Well, there was time, sort of.  Good thing I got up early.

So I quickly finished getting ready and left to take care of the errand.  Once I completed it I suddenly realized I’d forgotten something very important at home.

You guessed it, a quick stop at home on the way to work.  I’m trying no to think about the additional time all this is taking.  I focus on my driving.

Finally I arrive.  I stop briefly to share with a co-worker how concerned I am.  Then it’s off to my desk to round up my materials, check the schedule, and see about getting something done.

Nothing major in my emails or voice messages that has to be done right away.  Good.  I turn to processing my folks.  There are about a dozen of them!  I don’t know how many I’ll be able to squeeze in today, the rest will have to wait until tomorrow.

Well, I’ll do what I can.  Better start calling them.

I do a little of the preliminary work, then dial the first number.  He answers!  Good.  Hurray and get him scheduled and try to not take too much of his time.  He’s very understanding and it works out well.

But, there’s a glitch with the computer and I can’t finish the process right this moment.  OK, make a note and set him aside to finish after the next one.  The next one also answers right away!  Same process, same glitch, set her aside.

I take time to visit the retreat for an important topic that should help me with my work.  Thus goes my day, calling people between sections of the retreat.  Wait!

I just reached the last one who has to be done today!  How did that happen?  And there is time left to finish most of the preliminary work!  And to get past the glitch in the computer (operator error, of course!).

Now we are going to dinner together and I have completed all of the 8 or 9 who had to be handled today!  And I feel great!

Dinner is good, I’m meeting new people, we have a great team.  And Beloved Hubby is doing well.

This day sure turned out differently than I thought it would.  I expected, though I hoped it wouldn’t, my stomach to be tied in knots this whole week!

But by taking a few moments to talk with God, He helped me through this day in unexpected ways and with marvelous results!  He truly guided my path and showed His great love for me.

All because I asked.

Prayer Made My Day A Success!  🙂

Chores Are A Blessing

As I was folding sheets, freshly laundered and clean-smelling, I first reveled in their softness.  What a blessing a dryer is!

Our dryer had been on the blink for a while, and so after washing the clothes I would lay them out on the furniture all over the livingroom to dry.  It worked great, but they were rather stiff and rough, not soft and fragrant.  What a blessing a dryer is!

I continued to fold.

Hmm, the smooth rhythm brings a feeling of comfort:

  • Pick up a sheet
  • Find a corner
  • Get a corner next to that one
  • Put the two together
  • Follow the two edges to arm’s length
  • Grab with the hand that is holding the two corners
  • Follow the edges to another arm’s length or until you get to the end
  • Bring the four corners together in one hand
  • Line up the middle of the edge you just followed
  • Fold in half one way, then the other
  • until it is small enough to put away.
  • Then pick up the next one and begin again.

It only takes a few minutes.  The folded pile grows as the pile in the basket shrinks.

This is one of those mindless tasks that you can either fret about having to do, or you can relax and enjoy the distraction from more stressful activities.  I choose to relax.

All the while, I realize, I am in training.

“Training?” you ask.

Training.  Muscles are strengthened, repetition increases ability, thoroughness breeds character, to name only a few.

I’m reminded of a plaque that hung on our kitchen wall when I was growing up:

Thank God for dirty dishes,

They have a tale to tell.

While others may go hungry,

We’re eating very well.

With home, health, and happiness,

I shouldn’t want to fuss,

For by the stack of evidence

God’s been very good to us!

Yes, for many reasons I have found:

Chores are a blessing!  🙂

The Grass is Always Greener

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

So the saying goes. 


is it true?

Hmmm, as I stand here on my side and look across the fence to the other side, what do I see?

Well, the grass over there sure does look nice.  Maybe not perfect, but definitely nice. 

And compared to what is behind and around me as I stare wistfully over at my neighbor’s side, my side leaves MUCH to be desired! 

  • There are so many dry and bare spots.
  • The grass that is here is so thin, and forlorn-looking.
  • It has such a long way to go be even be presentable!
  • I see weeds.  Here.  There.  Oh my, they’re everywhere.  😦
  • My grass is an embarrassment.
  • I just can’t make it look like my neighbor’s…


it must be true.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. 

Woe is me.  I can never win.

But wait.

Where is the grass always greener?

Quite actually, the answer is completely obvious!

The grass is greenest where it is watered the most.

Now there is food for thought.

What in our lives could use a little more watering?  🙂

Flood of Feelings

It was near the end of my workday when I saw an email from the boss and double-clicked to open it up.

It had to do with the move to our new hospital.  OK, I know that is coming up on 12/13/14 day (December 13, 2014).  Our department moves a couple weeks before that, and this looked like more specific information for us.

There were several attachments and I started opening them one by one.  The first couple were general information, one a little lengthy so I’d come back to it later.  Then I opened the timeline.

At first glance I saw that some of our departments were moving starting today.  Not a big surprise as one of my friends mentioned last week that she’d be moving this week.  There were several departments moving this week.

Next tab was for the move in late November, my move.  I began reading through this group of departments making that move, and it happened.

A small wave washed over me.  Which surprised me.

I have worked here since long before the idea of building a new hospital even came up.  I’ve been here through thick and thin as talks began, great obstacles arose, and success was finally assured.  I’ve seen the progress every step of the way, buildings come down, streets straighten out or pushed through, new buildings go up, the enormous hole, cement, 3 huge cranes, cement, layer after layer, cement, steel and cement, cement, cement, cement, walls, windows, bricks, on and on and on!  It has been fascinating!

The excitement has been building.  Pictures and the model look wonderful.  Landscaping, signs, and sidewalks all add to the vision.  Everyone can hardly wait.  When will we finally get to see inside?!

But now suddenly, here I am, looking at the schedule and the wave hits.  A strange little feeling.  Hmmm.  I open the remaining attachments.  And I go back to the lengthy one, glancing through it, stopping to read a little here and there.

The wave isn’t bothering me anymore.  Because now it’s a flood!  I feel giddy, it’s so real, I feel anxious, will it all work out, there’s still excitement, it’s actually coming!  I’m having trouble concentrating.  I need to process these feelings.  Good thing I read this at the end of my day, I’d hate to have to deal with all this all day!

I imagine tomorrow will feel better.  And I wonder how many others are, or will have (perhaps even have had) this flood wash over them?  There will be a lot of differing reactions, I’m sure.  Hopefully I can help some, knowing what they’re going through.  And perhaps I’ll be a little more prepared having experienced this myself to a degree.

And the really funny thing is, I won’t even be in the new building!  We’ll be in an ancillary building.  :0