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An Enriching Hour

We just spent a wonderful hour in, or I should say, at (or maybe on) YouTube.  There is some marvelous stuff there!

We heard about a special upload that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently put on YouTube, and thought we’d check it out.  But, how to find it?

Beloved hubby suggested putting “LDS Church” into the search box, which we did.  The third result was the one we’d heard about and so we watched it.  It was done so beautifully and movingly.  When it ended a pleasant sight greeted my eyes!

Every suggestion of what to watch next was from the Church, and there was some great stuff to choose from!  We selected one about all worthy male members being able to have the priesthood, then a video about missionaries, another about the daily life of missionaries in the Mission Training Center, one or two more, then one about the temples of the Church.

What a beautiful video that one was!  It explained how the temples are different than our regular meetinghouses, explained why only those who are devote members are allowed to enter, why we go there (though before they are dedicated all people are allowed to go through and see them), and showed the great beauty of these buildings both inside and out!

It left me feeling in awe and grateful, even though I’ve been in the temple hundreds (at least) of times.  Of course, that is exactly why I love going to the temple!

It was an absolutely wonderful hour.  Even now I am still basking in the warm glow and soft, reverent emotions evoked by this very special hour.  I also feel closer to Beloved hubby having watched the pictures of brides and grooms being married in the beautiful, sacred temples all over the world and remembering my own marriage in the Salt Lake Temple many 🙂 years ago.

What a great way to spend an hour!  🙂

The Aspen in Colorado

Beloved hubby finally felt up to doing something again yesterday after having kind of a rough couple weeks.  So for the first time in years we took a ride to see the aspen in the Colorado mountains.

Since I’d filled the car with gas a couple days earlier, we didn’t have to worry about buying any or running out.  So off we went!

As we left the city behind and became engulfed in the mountains, I found myself relaxing, feeling calmer, and drinking in the beauty of the landscape around us.

As we traveled, the yellow fields gave way to evergreens and bushes, and before long also to aspen trees.  Beautiful, golden, quaking, “money trees”.  A few here and there at first, then yards of them, and soon – mountains of them nestled amongst the myriad of evergreens blanketing the valleys as far as the eye could see!

The deeper we went, the fresher the air, the bluer the sky, the greater our tranquility.  It was wonderful.

Then I noticed the aspen were differing shades – yellow, deep gold, flowing into crimson.  So much beauty!

It lifted my spirits, filled my soul, and strengthened my relationship with God, the Great Creator of it all!

I found peace in the aspen of Colorado.  🙂