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A Moment of Fame

English: Lorenzo Snow, 1898

English: Lorenzo Snow, 1898 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning as I was riding the shuttle to work from the associate’s parking lot, I pulled out the book I’ve been reading.

Teachings of Presidents of the Church, Lorenzo Snow is the manual we are studying this year in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The men are learning about it in their Priesthood meeting, and the women in their Relief Society (the largest women’s organization in the world, I might add) meeting.  The Relief Society in our ward, or congregation, copied off the reading schedule and put it inside the front cover so we could always see which lesson will be studied that week, and they printed our names on clear labels and put them on the front cover of the manual so they could be sure that every sister (that’s what we call the women in the church) received hers.

So I’ve pulled out my book to read this week’s lesson, and one of my co-workers looks over to see what book I’m reading.  And then she notices my name on it.  It looks like it is printed on the book and she exclaims, “You wrote a book?!  Why are you here at work, shouldn’t you be in the Bahamas or something?!”  I laughed, and quickly explained that my name is on a clear label and explained why and that it was not that I wrote it.  Everyone on the shuttle laughed good-naturedly.  Then the one who’d made the mistake said, “And here I thought you were famous.”  I laughed and said, “Well, I am famous, but not THAT famous!”