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Trusting the Lord

You know, I usually think of trusting the Lord in the passive sense, meaning that I believe God will bless me and help me as I patiently wait for it to be His will and for when the timing is best for me, and any others concerned.

But as I’ve been reading the book I referred to in my last blog, Teachings of Presidents of the Church, Lorenzo Snow, I am reminded that I can trust, and in fact should expect to trust, the Lord in the active sense.  By this I mean that we can believe the things He says, and when we obey those laws and rules that He has set forth, we will reap the blessings He has promised.  And even moreso, I am feeling that I can have the desire to say and do things that will strengthen and help others, and I can expect that as I move forward, initiating an action in that direction, God will bless my efforts, fill my mouth, and enable my meager attempts at encouraging someone else to be magnified!

And these acts do not need to be huge, or grandiose.  Sometimes just opening my mouth or stepping forward is enough to begin with.  For instance, today on that shuttle ride from the parking lot to work, there were several people already on it when I boarded.  I found an empty seat and pulled out my book to begin reading.  But it was so quiet!  The Spirit of God nudged me, so I didn’t begin reading.  And after a minute I asked the woman I was sitting next to how she was doing.  She said fine.  I thought for a moment, and then said the thought that entered my mind, “When I started for work this morning it was pretty nice.  But when I got into town it felt so much colder!”  And the gal behind me spoke up and said, “It’s true!  It is colder here in town than by the foothills!”

This sparked a lively conversation between the 3 of us and even a couple others on the shuttle and we had a very enjoyable ride in to work!  And did some teambuilding in the process.  Again, not a big thing, but sure a nice way to start the day!